Does Breast Size Affect Breastfeeding


It is perfectly normal for first-time mothers to get paranoid over unlikely things. One of which is the popular belief that smaller breasts have less supply of milk. Let’s get to the bottom of this – does breast size affect breastfeeding?

Definitely not. According to Australian Breastfeeding Association, the size of your breasts has zero connection with your ability to produce more milk for your baby. In fact, biological instincts play an important role instead.

What makes breasts big is actually fat. If you have more fatty tissues in your chest area, you have bigger breasts. It’s that simple!

Rather than paying attention to breast size, you must think about your glandular tissue instead. The glandular tissue facilitates milk production. If you’re blessed with a generous amount of this tissue, then your baby is lucky to easily receive breastmilk whenever he’s hungry.

We’re going to bust more myths about breastfeeding to finally put a stop to mothers’ insecurities. Trust us; you’ll do great as a mom no matter what your body type is!

Inverted nipples release less milk.

Again, the glandular tissue produces milk – nothing else. Inverted nipples won’t matter too much if your glandular tissue provides generous amounts of milk. With persistence, inverted nipples will eventually come out.

That’s why experts will surely tell you to keep breastfeeding even if you have inverted nipples. They will even recommend some products that can help you such as nipple shields. Eventually, however, you would be required to stop using your nipple shield and teach your baby how to wean off it.

Having soft breasts means low milk supply.

A surge of milk makes breasts firmer which makes sense. However, this is more usual in the first weeks of breastfeeding.

Once your breasts stay soft more frequently than when they’re firm, your body finally managed to adjust to your new lifestyle. Meaning, your breasts are more likely to become firm only when you hear your hungry baby crying.

In Conclusion

Don’t worry; breast size has nothing to do with successful breastfeeding. As long as you have enough glandular tissue in your chest area, you’ll have a sufficient milk supply.

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