Does Your Breast Get Smaller After Breastfeeding


Word on the street is that boobs tend to shrink after the mother completely stops nursing her baby. However, you can’t just assume that’s true without scientific backup. Let’s find out – does your breast get smaller after breastfeeding?

While some moms retain their bigger breast size, it’s completely normal for boobs to shrink when you wean your baby from breastfeeding. It’s all about the temporary changes happening inside your body because of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the breasts become heavier due to the increase of fatty tissue. This is inevitable since there are higher levels of hormones, according to BreastMilk. It is also crucial for milk production.

Moreover, when you always breastfeed your baby, the extra fat inside your boobs is gradually consumed. In the long run, the milk ducts become dry. The final result is smaller breasts.

In Conclusion

Does your breast get smaller after breastfeeding?

Yes, and that’s because you gradually lose the extra fat every time you nurse your baby. It’s completely natural.

If you’re struggling with pain after breastfeeding, learn how to soothe your nipples. One effective way is to apply a hypoallergenic breast cream.

Lastly, for a more comfortable time while nursing your baby, we recommend using a pregnancy pillow.