Can You Bring Hair Dryer in Carry-on Luggage


If you’re planning to take your hair dryer with you during travel, it is only natural to ask if you could put it in your carry-on bag. Since hair dryers can be fragile, putting one in a checked suitcase seems risky. Let’s find out: can you bring hair dryer in carry-on luggage?

Go ahead and put that hair dryer in your carry-on!

Luckily for you, it is completely okay to bring your hair dryer in a carry-on bag. If you’re doubtful, we got this information from the official website of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

There’s really no need to worry, especially if your hair dryer is so small and compact. This is perfect for people who travel light. Battery-operated hair dryers are also travel-friendly since they have no cords that can make your bag too crowded inside.

However, there are some conditions you have to be aware of to keep yourself from being a stressed traveler.

Be conscious about the weight limit of carry-on bags.

Of course, you still have to pay attention to the weight of your carry-on bag. Or else, you’ll be forced to have your bag checked in the counter. Some hair dryers are so powerful and durable that their materials and structure make a pretty heavy device.

Here are other important points you should remember when you plan to bring your hair dryer in a carry-on:

  • Some airports might inspect your hair dryer. They tend to be extra careful when people bring large devices in carry-on bags. It is only a matter of safety.
  • Don’t place your hair dryer in a carry-on bag full of clothes and other delicate fabrics. Hair dryers usually retain residues from hair products that can stain your belongings.


Can you bring hair dryer in carry-on luggage?

Sure thing! Putting a hair dryer in a carry-on bag is safer than leaving it in a checked suitcase. However, make sure that your hair dryer is travel-friendly to ensure a hassle-free time in the airport.