Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Red Review



Britax has been known to produce products that are not only ergonomically designed but also reasonably priced making their products popular in the market. Taking Britax name immediately creates the familiarity of the product as a name people can trust. With the new Britax B-safe infant car seat it has provided customers with a multipurpose car seat that can be used as a carry on and can be latched on to its base to make it perfect for traveling. The 5 point harnesses makes traveling with your child so much easier and supports your child. This product is in the color red, a far cry from the boring whites or blacks.

Features and Specifications

This product is comfortable to be carried like a hand carry, or be attached to any stroller so you can comfortably walk around it or becomes a car seat safe enough for a comfortable ride. In the first year of your child’s life your child requires a lot of support and this car seat provides that. It is no surprise that this car seat got 4.3 star rating out of 5 by online customers. To find out more about the product the detailed description is mentioned down below.

  • Rear Facing Car Seat

    The car seat is facing rearwards instead of front wards. This makes the car seat so much more safe and sound for your child. Your little one does not needs a front facing car seat especially when he or she is of 1 or 2 years old. In fact many people and researchers have proved that rearwards facing car seats are safer for children that are especially less than 4 years of age.

  • Supporting Foam

    The foam of the top seat is made in a specific way that is able to withstand and absorb the forceful impacts for sides. So you have already provided security to your child by placing his seat rearwards and the side impact absorbent foams cushions your child from sideways collisions as well.

    The five point harness distributes all the force and can be tightened according to the child’s height and weight. This way minimum movement of your child is maintained. The added harness pads provide extra cushion of support.

  • Car Seat Base

    The Britax car seat comes with a removable top seat that can be attached and detached easily within 1 second to its car base. Unlike many other car seats that come with a car base that is not either packaged with the product or they completely are not made with a car seat base.

    In those cases you need to buy a new car seat on rely on your seat belts to do the work for you which however sometimes work and sometimes don’t. the car seat base helps to make your child ride safely as it does not allows any easy movement to happen.

    So now in the event of a sudden jerk your child will nestle comfortable instead of sustaining injuries or getting shocked. Another great feature is that the top seat can be easily detached from the seat base and this way you can attach and detach the seat with just one click.

  • Multipurpose Car Seat

    This product serves three functions. It can be latched on to the seat base and become a comfortable infant restraint for your child who weighs less than 30 pounds, or is less than 32 inches in height. You can remove the car seat and turn the handle up so that you can carry it with you wherever you want.

    The design is adjustable to all strollers made by Britax and you can hence attach the carry on to the stroller and walk around with your baby. So one product serves 3 functions. What more does a parent want? The canopy can be turned over to protect your young one from the sunlight and provide it enough darkness so that it is able to sleep properly and comfortably.


  • Attachable to strollers
  • Hand carry
  • Canopy protects the eyes
  • Good reviews and reputation
  • Sideways collision
  • One click detachment and attachment system
  • Car seat base
  • 5 point harness with harness pads
  • Supporting foams against sideways collision


  • Expensive

Who Should Buy

If you are one of those parents who want to have a long term investment for your infant that not only claims to be good but also fulfills its promises then this product is perfect for you. It supports and cushions the baby and provides it the comfort it needs whether when you are using it as a car seat or a hand carry or a stroller. It works any way round.

Although it being expensive can add a burden to the already tight budgets of some people, but the quality wins the heart, and it is visible in the glowing reviews online.


Providing support and comfort to your child is the first and foremost function of this product and it does so by its pads, removable rests, shock absorber foams and harness pads.