What to Do with Broken Hair Straighteners


Hair straighteners are powerful and all, but they eventually malfunction. What if your own tool stops working? Don’t worry; we’ll share tips on what to do with broken hair straighteners.

Clean the areas behind the plates.

If your only problem is not enough heat from your hair straightener, there’s a chance that it’s just dirt buildup. All you have to do is clean it. Find out how!

  1. Remove the tiny screws holding the plates.
  2. Detach the plates.
  3. Clean the empty slots.
  4. Install the plates again.
  5. Turn on the flatiron.
  6. Check if the plates are finally hot and good to go.

However, what if it doesn’t work?

The manufacturer will handle more serious problems.

Your hair straightener’s severe issues like power and cracked plates will be handled best by the manufacturer itself. These are the steps users typically do:

  1. Check your hair straightener’s warranty.
  2. Contact the manufacturer.
  3. Send the hair straightener back to the manufacturer.

Simple, right? But, what if the manufacturer thinks your flat iron is completely useless already?

Recycle the hair straightener.

Don’t just throw your flat iron in the garbage. You need to know how to recycle it. Check out these tips based on Electrical Safety First’s guidelines:

  • Go to your local recycling center.
  • Read the user’s manual to find some disposal instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Call your local government if they offer services for recycling electrical tools.


Now that you know what to do with broken hair straighteners, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll be able to use your tool for several years. You can also contribute to environmental safety because of your newfound knowledge on proper disposal.