Brother CS5055PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine Review



This sewing machine is fairly small and very user-friendly. I have done some basic sewing in the past and wanted to try it out again, but the new developments in technology meant that I had absolutely no idea what features I would like to have in a new sewing machine. I chose this one because I felt that I could use it to get back into practice without feeling constricted after I honed my skills.

My research indicated that a lot of beginner-level sewing machines are essentially useless to experiences sewers who have no use for pre-set options. Those machines have to be replaced with real adult sewing machines eventually, and I balked at buying an expensive item that had a built-in shelf life. I can see myself using this Project Runway sewing machine well after I have regained all of my old skills.

Main Features

  • Computer Memory

    The sewing machine’s internal computer eliminates many of the frustrations inherent to older models. Its internal computer measures the exact length of my stitches, which removes the guesswork that makes manual adjustments so frustrating. One of my least favorite parts of sewing is making sure that my stitches are the correct length and degree of tightness.

    So I immediately felt at ease with this machine due to not having to relearn the tedious task of gauging those measurements. It is so easy to sew without having to take these measurements that I was initially worried that I was forgetting or missing something. The machine was just that easy to use. I did not have to do much preparation or setup before I was able to start sewing.

  • Easy Accents.

    One of my major goals is to start making my own clothing, so I was thrilled to learn that this machine makes it easy to attach zippers and create buttonholes. There are also a number of pre-programmed decorative stitches in the machine’s computer memory. I used to have to perform this kind of stitching by hand, but now I can do it in a matter of minutes with this sewing machine.

    It only took me a few tries to figure out how to adjust the computer settings to create the stitched images that I wanted. All of the complicated measurements and math that are necessary to map out this kind of detailing have been completely eliminated from my sewing process.


  • User-friendly

    It is very obvious that this machine was designed with normal people, not experts or professionals, in mind. Some brands’ sewing machines look intimidating and do not have any guiding tools or features. This is a machine that even beginners will feel comfortable using.

  • Affordable price

    This machine is priced low enough to be a reasonable gift or personal splurge. It is a nearly risk-free investment.


  • Not for experts

    This machine will likely not appeal to people who already know how to use more traditional models. The computerized features accomplish nothing that an experienced sewer can already do without that help.

  • Average shelf life

    It is not easy to make garments that transcend the computerized settings on this machine. There are types of fabrics and styles of clothing that can still only be painstakingly stitched by hand.

  • Limiting

    Using this machine sometimes feels like cheating, but not in a bad way.I just occasionally feel as if I am missing out on certain aspects of the sewing experience by depending too heavily on a computerized machine. After all, very skilled seamstresses have no need for this technology. They have developed their skills to such an extent that they can eyeball their measurements faster and more accurately than a machine can.

    The Project Runway machine temps me away from challenging myself and forcing me to rise to that level of talent. For people with serious sewing aspirations, this is something to seriously consider. While this machine helped me make clothing more quickly than I could have with a traditional machine, it prevented me from learning some essential basics.

    I am not sure that I could ever go back to using older sewing machine models now that I no longer know how to manually gauge my stitches or load bobbins the old-fashioned way.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This sewing machine is most suitable for hobbyists or those who are looking to improve their skills. It is a solid mid-range sewing machine that beginner and intermediate sewers can easily afford without feeling like they are using a machine meant for children.


My final verdict on the Project Runway sewing machine is that it is an excellent machine for small or medium sewing projects. Many sewers will be perfectly happy with this model and never feel the need to upgrade or replace it. The quality of the construction is excellent, and the price cannot be beat.

This is not a professional-grade machine, but it is possible to use it to make clothing that looks professionally made. This would be a good choice for a gift or for someone like me who has some experience and wants to start sewing again without taking the time to relearn the basics.




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