Brother Designio DZ2400 Computerized Sewing Machine Review



Brother is one of the most reliable names in the sewing machine market. The makers continue to produce both affordable and high end sewing machines that have dominated the market for the past decade. The Designio DZ2400 is reminiscent to what Brother has geared on; versatility and convenience.

The Brother Designio DZ2400 computerized sewing machine was introduced as an innovative model in the designer sewing machine market. The DZ2400 is the most popular model in the Designio series that is now available at affordable rates. The sewing machine has been well received by professional users, designers, and industry experts alike, which makes it one of the most successful models produced by Brother.

Important Specs and Features

The Brother Designio DZ2400 computerized sewing machine is a lightweight model that weighs only 18 pounds. It has measurements at 21.4 x 16.8 x 15.9 inches, which makes it an adequately sized model in the mid range sewing machine market. It features an extra wide table that allows users to easily complete different projects.

The Designio DZ2400 is equipped with 185 unique built-in stitches including utility stitches, decorative stitches, and designer stitches. This allows users, especially designers to express their creative freedom in stitching, quilting, and hemming. From the 185 stitch patterns, 130 are for sewing stitches, and the remaining 55 represent alphanumeric stitches. User can easily choose between different stitches patterns using the LCD display screen. The body of the sewing machine features a stitch pattern chart to easily select stitches they want to work on. The overcast and zigzag stitches allow users to prevent fraying on the fabrics.

The Designio DZ2400 sewing machine features 8 professional styles of 1 step buttonholes. This allows user more freedom to give their fabrics a chic finish. The variable speed control allows users to easily select between different stitching rates while moving from one area of the fabric to another.

The DZ2400 comes with a top drop-in bobbin system that features the Brother Quick-set technology. This allows users to ensure that the bobbin stays intact to provide reliable and quality stitching on different types of fabrics. The work area is lit up by an LED light that really comes in handy when operating on dark fabrics and bulk projects.

The Brother Designio DZ2400 computerized sewing machine comes with a 25 year limited warranty and a host of accessories. It features an advanced needle threading system that is quite easy to use. All you have to do is press the lever and the machine will automatically push the thread into the needle eye. The sewing machine comes with 12 quilting and stitching feet that add to the experience of using a machine that offers unparalleled creativity for the price.


  • Lightweight and convenient – highly portable.
  • Easy to use with comprehensive features – ideal for professional users and designers.
  • Wide working table – allows users to work on heavy bulk projects.
  • Cost effective – will pay off well in the long term.


  • Not practical for novice users.
  • Modest stitching speed.

Who Should Buy

The Brother Designio DZ2400 sewing machine has been marketed for designers, so that answers the question. It has been designed for the makers to give users comfort and joy in creating clothes featuring unique stitching. The wide range of accessories available with the sewing machine adds to the experience of creating something new and fresh.

The Brother DZ2400 is a computerized sewing machine that allows professional users to easily complete their stitching jobs without the hassles associated with conventional machines. This sewing machine can be practical for beginners who are taking professional training.

However, for users who want a machine that can help them grow as they practice, they should look elsewhere because he DZ2400 has been essentially designed for people who are well experienced in stitching.


For quite some time, the Designio DZ2400 lost its place in the market because of its price. However, after making its way to the mid range sewing machine market, the DZ2400 has somewhat received a reincarnation and is now as popular as it was when it initially came out.

The Brother Desingio DZ2400 computerized sewing machine is one model that designers would love to have. It helps users combine different fabrics and textures seamlessly with high quality stitching It works exceptionally well on pant legs, hems, cuffs, and other difficult to reach areas.

The decorative and alphanumeric stitches offer users the creative freedom to design clothes that are visually striking with consistency in stitch patterns. The wide workstation table comes as an added bonus as it makes working on different fabrics quite simple and convenient.

To conclude, if you are looking for an affordable sewing machine that can meet your long term stitching and designing requirements, then there are few better than the Designio DZ2400.