Brother XL2600i Sewing Machine Review



The Brother XL2600i Sew Advance Affordable 25 Stitch Free Arm Sewing Machine is one of those machines that cover all the basic aspects of sewing and stitching. It has been bestowed with generally favorable reviews and is ideal for everyday use. The Brother XL2600i is the perfect sewing machine for beginners and intermediates.It has features that are fairly easy to learn and use, and it’s lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry around.

The Brother XL2600i is a versatile sewing machine that can be perfect for various home sewing and stitching work like altering or making clothes, crafting, bobbing, quilting, home décor, and much more. Loaded with some good features and 25 different built-in decorative, heirloom, and utility stitches, Brother XL2600i is reviewed as a great buy for the price.


Important Features

The Brother XL2600i has quite a lot of features and specifications considering its compact size and light weight. For starters, the sewing machine is equipped with a built-in 1-step auto-size buttonholer, an easy to configure and use needle threading system, and a drop-in bobbin. In other words, the Brother XL2600i is designed to make everyday sewing easy, fast, and more fun. The stitch selector is basically a dial that allows you to select from 25 different stitching styles with relative ease.

The Brother XL2600i features a threading diagram on it, which makes it easy for you to choose between different threading systems. The built-in needle threading system is automatic and will take care of the needle threading without a hassle. The sewing machine also comes with a free mobile phone support for the lifetime of the product, which is 25 years as per the limited warranty. Considering the fact that the average lifespan of the Brother XL2600i is 25 years, it is definitely a bargain for the money you pay!

The Brother XL2600i is equipped with a jam resistant and top drop-in bobbin system. In other words, all you have to do is drop in the bobbin, pull the thread across the slot, and simply start sewing. Yes, we know this is not an innovation in the sewing machine industry, but when you consider the easy to learn and use features in the Brother XL2600i, you will realize that each feature adds to its uniqueness. The one step buttonhole stitch and buttonhole foot make it easy to create customized buttonholes within no time. Other salient and outstanding features of the Brother XL2600i include:

  • An easy to use bobbin winding. By placing the upper thread in its place and the bobbin set towards the winder, all you have to do is push the bobbin control to the right and the bobbin will wound for you. It’s not just fast, but reliable too!
  • Built-in free sewing arm. The free arm is the perfect accessory for sewing cuffs, sleeves, pant legs, children clothing, and other cylindrical items.
  • Adjustable tensions dial to easily alter or create clothes.
  • Range of accessories and other items including five snap pressure feet (zipper, blind stitch, button fitting, buttonhole, narrow hemmer), three piece needle set, three bobbins, accessory pouch, screwdriver, twin need, darning plate, power cord, extra spool, bilingual instruction manual (English/Spanish), free phone support, and 25 year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight and compact size for portability.
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners.
  • Accessories and different features account for reliable and seamless stitching.
  • Relatively cheap price as compared to other similar sewing machines.


  • Compact size often considered a disadvantage by many.
  • Limited applications in stitching patterns.
  • May not hold tension better than other similar sewing machines.

Who Should Buy

As mentioned before, the Brother XL2600i sewing machine is ideal for beginners and people that are reaching the advanced stitching level but are not there yet. The manual makes it fairly easy to distinguish between different parts and features of the sewing machine and how to use them.

However, if you have been stitching for a while and want a machine that can provide unprecedented versatility, then the XL2600i model is not for you. That said, there is no denying that beginners that are looking for reasonably price sewing machine can put their faith in Brother XL2600i.

Bottom Line

Brother Int. Corporation has earned a reputation as one of the leading home sewing machine makers in the world, and the XL2600i is reminiscent to that. Priced under $90 and with a 25 year limited warranty, the Brother XL2600i can provide great return on investment in the long term.

It is the ideal stepping stone for beginners that want to learn all the basic aspects of sewing and stitching in a cost effective sewing machine. The machine is good for use in the long term and can provide you with many different options to choose from as compared to other sewing machines that are priced within its range.




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