Brother XL2610 Free Arm Sewing Machine Review



The Brother XL2610 sewing machine is one of the highest rated sewing machines from the renowned makers. Brother has made a habit of producing compact and highly functional sewing machines and the XL2610 free-arm model is reminiscent of that.

From the first look, it looks just like the popular XL2600i in a white and pink colored body. However, a closer look demonstrates what the XL2610 has and what makes it the ideal sewing machine for beginners. With 25 built-in stitches, the Brother XL2610 sewing machine can help new users move beyond the basics and start plying their trade with complicated jobs.

Important Specs and Features

The Brother XL2610 is a free arm sewing machine with 25 built-in stitches and additional 59 different stitch functions. This allows users to perform complex stitching jobs with relative ease, and the free arm accounts for easy stitching across pant legs, cuffs and other difficult areas. Once these problem areas are addressed, the machine can be converted to flat bed sewing for conventional stitching.

The XL2610 sewing machine features an automatic 4 step built-in buttonholer along with a stitch balance control. This allows users to make buttonholes on a wide range of garments easily. The automatic needle threader is accompanied with a built-in thread cutter that make stitching as simple and easy as it gets.

The drop-in bobbin system featured in the XL2610 sewing machine makes threading easy and allows users to see how much bobbin thread is remaining. The built-in stitches in the model include blind hem stitch, decorative sewing stitch, garment construction stitch, stretch stitch, and quilting stitch.

The variety in stitches makes the sewing machine practical for pro users as well. And with the wide range of accessories along with the presser feet that come with the XL2610, you can rest assure that darning, quilting, button sewing, buttonholes, and even zipper inserting can be performed without a hassle.

The XL2610 is equipped with sewing feet that feature the quick design change trademark that Brother has made a name for. It features built-in length and width control of stitches along with a dial thread tension control for adjusting stitches whenever needed. A built-in light illuminates the sewing area for easy and precise stitching.

The whole unit with the accessories weighs only 14.4 pounds which accounts for high durability. The Brother XL2610 comes with a 25 year limited warranty. The wide range of accessories like needles and sewing notions make stitching comprehensive and convenient. This means you won’t have to invest in additional accessories to get most of your stitching jobs done.


  • Fairly easy to set up and use.
  • Lightweight and compact – highly portable and convenient.
  • Comprehensive range of built-in stitches and stitch functions.
  • Practical with thick fabrics and handles most quilting projects.
  • Cost effective and adequate speed for comfortable stitching in the long run.


  • Noisy – louder than most sewing machines within the same price range.
  • Not durable – features a lot of plastic parts and materials.
  • Presser foot pressure not adjustable – can be a major drawback for pro users.
  • Ineffective work lamp – located on the right and casts a shadow when working on the machine.

Who Should Buy

Considering the pros and cons, you might have realized that the Brother XL2610 sewing machine is not made for everyone. While it is an ideal sewing machine for beginners and even some pro users, it loses practicality when advanced users want a sewing machine for complicated jobs.

The Brother XL2610 sewing machine has been designed for users who know the basics of stitching. It’s a confidence building machine that helps you learn more as you use it. By starting with minor mending and hems, users can then advance to complex tasks like sewing trims on clothes or making garments from scratch. Yes, the impressive range of built-in stitches allows users to make garments completely, but then again, the XL2610 won’t be any practical for complex stitching tasks.

Many users have suggested that the Brother XL2610 can work effectively on a variety of fabrics, including denim. Overall, it’s a great sewing machine for the price and is highly practical for beginners and few advanced users.


The Brother XL2610 sewing machine lives up to its reputation as a highly functional and convenient sewing machine in a heavily competitive market. It may not be the most stylish sewing machine out there but it gets the job done fairly easily. If stitching is your hobby and you need a sewing machine that can help you learn as you go, then the XL2610 is just the perfect fit for you.

The Brother XL2610 is one of the most affordable sewing machines available in the market today that delivers performance superseding its price tag. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sewing machine that can perform simple and few complex tasks with relative ease.