Does Brushing Your Hair Stimulate Hair Growth


Your childhood probably included constant reminders about brushing your hair every night. Maybe you were even forced to brush your strands 100 times to achieve longer hair. To know if this indeed made sense, let’s find out – does brushing your hair stimulate hair growth?

That may work for some people, but some experts disagree. If you think the distribution of natural oils and stimulation of your scalp lead to hair growth, CNN‘s report has a different take on the matter.

Brushing too many times can damage your cuticle and break your strands because of friction. It is only meant for detangling and drying your hair faster for styling, not stimulating growth.

Since brushing can be damaging for your hair, it’s best to use a paddle brush with ball tips and plastic bristles. In addition, use a comb with wide gaps to reduce pain.

Even though boar-bristle brushes can be harsh on your scalp, we still recommend this type of bristles. As long as you choose the right brush, your hair will be smoother and shinier.

In Conclusion

Does brushing your hair stimulate hair growth?

There’s no guarantee that brushing your hair will make it longer. Brushing can have negative effects, so do it minimally.

If you’re planning to use a hot air brush, learn how to control it properly.