Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow Review



The Bump Nest pregnancy pillow is not much common but it is useful to buy because of its best features and the reliable material. It is ideally made for those people who love to sleep on their backs. It protects the baby from any wrong positioning inside the body of a pregnant woman.

Even you can also use it after pregnancy to enjoy a healthy peaceful sleep at night. It truly acts as a life saver and is best for those people who love to sleep perfectly at night because of their hectic routines. So overall the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow is ideal to buy.

Features and Specifications

The main features of the pregnancy pillow are:

  • Gives a Quality Sleep

    The quality sleeps matters a lot in a healthier pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman then it is very important to take a proper rest and sleep in order to get the better results of pregnancy, increased immunity and easy labor. All that will be possible when you will maintain a proper positioning in the pregnancy and will take the proper rest.

    So for that purpose this Bump Nest pregnancy pillow is made to give you a quality sleep at night. That will surely make you and your baby healthy.

  • Easily Washable

    The best pregnancy pillow is easy to wash and maintained. Similar is the case with Bump Nest pregnancy pillow. That pillow can be easily washed with a washing powder and it will give the appearance of a new one after every washing. The washing will not affect the quality of the pillow and its stuff will also not get any lumps. You can even wash the entire pillow and that will not cause any trouble to you.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The design of the pillow is ergonomically made to give you the more ease while using it. First of all the curved portion supports your neck, shoulder and the upper body and reduces the pain of these areas. The zipper is invisible so it also helps in convenient sleep at night. Similarly the curved long body of the pillow covers the entire body and supports the back to reduce the backache.

    The lower end can be adjusted between the legs and it ideal to reduce the sciatica pains and also maintains the position of the baby internally. You get a healthy pregnancy after using this pillow. It has a user friendly design that will give you a complete comfort level.

  • Polyester Fibers

    Like other pregnancy pillows the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow is also made up of polyester fibers. These polyester fibers make the pillow soft and convenient. It also covers the body in a way that will give you a peaceful feeling of cuddling. You will get a cozy feeling.

  • Light Weight

    One of the main features of the pillow is its light weight nature. This pregnancy pillow is light in weight and you can easily port it from one room to another. That will also help you to take it outside.

    Also if you are not pregnant then you can use this pillow for other additional purposes. You can use it to make a footrest by swirling it. Also you can use it to support the back by rolling it. Similarly if you want to protect the children from falling then it is also best for them.


  • Cozy feeling
  • Comfortable to use
  • Good quality fabrics
  • Also allows to reshape the pillow because of its soft material
  • Machine washable
  • Covers the entire body
  • Helps in relieving pains of pregnancy
  • The pillow covers the entire body of a person so you do not need to change the positions
  • The inner material is free of lumps even after washing


  • The larger size of this pregnancy pillow is not suitable for the smaller beds
  • It is hard as compared to the other pillows available in the market
  • The fluffing needs to be adjusted from the head region

Who Should Buy

The Bump Nest pregnancy pillow is especially designed for the expected ladies in order to give them the relief from the pains related to the pregnancy. In this way it protects you and soothes your entire body, back legs and muscles and adds more to get a comfortable sleep at night. This product has got a feedback score of 4.2 out of 5 by the customers.


Pregnancy pillows are used to get a comfortable sleep at night and to give the body a perfect relief from the pains of the legs, thighs, legs, muscles and the hips. So by considering all these things this Bump Nest pregnancy pillow has been made to give a perfect comfort level to the users. It covers the entire body of a person and its soft touch relaxes you when you will use it. So for the pregnant women that product is a blessing to use if it is used in a proper manner. That will give you a real pleasure.