How to Burp Baby After Feeding


After feeding, it’s essential for you to burp your baby. It’s one way for him to stay comfortable. However, as a first-time mom, you need to make sure you do it safely.

With that, here’s how to burp baby after feeding:

On your chest

  • Sit comfortably on the chair with your baby against your chest. His chin should be resting on your shoulder.
  • Remember to support his head as well as his shoulders with your hands.
    Gently pat his back.

On your lap

  • Sit on a chair and place your baby on your lap. He should be facing away from your body.
  • Use one of your arms to support his body. Your palm should be supporting his chest but remember to keep your fingers away from his throat.
  • Lean your child forwards and rub his back with your free hand.

Across your lap

  • Place your baby lying down with his face toward your legs.
  • With your hand, support your baby’ chin.
  • Hold your baby’s head slightly higher than the rest of his body.
  • Pat his back gently using your free hand.

For more tips, learn how long to burp baby for. Don’t forget to get the best burp cloth, too.

To get a better idea on how to burp baby after feeding, watch the video below: