How Long Do You Have to Burp a Baby For


Babies are so fragile that forgetting to burp them can be a critical mistake. Even improper techniques due to lack of knowledge about burping can cause a commotion. For starters, how long do you have to burp a baby for?

A newborn should burp every after feeding until he turns six months old (in most cases). To make your baby burp, simply hold him upright for 10 to 15 minutes. This is essential to stop your child from vomiting the milk.

Some babies need more frequent burping.

A gassy baby who spits a lot and gets fussy while you’re trying to feed him requires constant attention. He might be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.

If your baby has the aforementioned symptoms, you might need to burp him for every ounce of milk he’s consuming from the bottle. With breastfeeding, the frequency should be for every five minutes.

Be patient when your baby fails to burp after a few minutes. Just change his position. Once you hear the burp, feed him again.

Then, stick to the normal way of carrying your baby upright after feeding him. But, the duration might take more than 15 minutes this time.

Now that you’re aware of proper timing when it comes to burping your baby, how many months or years should you keep doing this?

Continue to burp babies for four to six months.

At this age, your baby is more likely to have a perfectly functioning digestive system already. But, there’s no harm in trying to burp him even for just a few minutes. It is crucial to stay on the safer side all the time whenever babies are concerned.

Once your baby starts consuming solid food, however, then that’s the time to finally stop burping him. The ability to eat mashed fruits and vegetables is enough to prove that your child already has a stable tummy.

However, you still have to perfectly mash veggies and fruits to avoid complications. Consider using a blender designed for making baby food to achieve that ideal consistency.

In Conclusion

How long do you have to burp a baby for?

Hold your baby upright for 10 to 15 minutes after every feeding. However, you might need to wait longer than that if your baby is gassy. Do this for four to six months or until your child’s digestive system is finally ready for solid food.

Thoroughly absorbing spit ups is not only possible with burp cloths. You may also use baby blankets and nursing covers as long as you choose the right products.