Can I Pump While Sleeping?


As a new mom, getting the right hours of sleep won’t be easy. Since you have a new human being to care for, you need to adjust your sleeping schedule without negatively affecting your own health.

You can never anticipate when your child will require nursing or when and how many times a day will your breasts need drainage. Because of that, you probably have one question in mind: Can you use a breast pump while sleeping?

Before we reveal the answer to that, let’s talk more about breastfeeding first.

How Many Times Should You Breastfeed In A Day

Every child has different needs and every breast has different milk capacity. Some mothers can feed up to 9 to 10 times a day while others can feed less than 5 times. It also depends on the routine of the mother and the child.

That simply means that there’s no way for you to calculate the number of times you should feed your baby.

The Good and The Bad Side of Pumping Milk

Using a breast pump has its own set of pros and cons. For one, expressing breast milk using breast pumps isn’t a comfortable process all the time. For them to work properly, you’ll need to sit in a specific position for a certain amount of time. For example, pumping for about 15 minutes can fill a 4-ounce bottle.

The ideal position for most pumping machines is to sit propped forwards. This position maximizes milk flow.

Now, if you are tired or had a stressful day, then sitting forward for very long can put you in an even greater amount of stress. Spending 15 minutes sitting that way can feel like 15 hours.

The good news is that most manufacturers these days consider that in making breast pumps. Now, there are models that allow moms to sit comfortably while pumping and expressing milk. And if you use breast shields and similar products, you can pump even when you are in a leaning position.

Additionally, there are also breast pumps that automatically turn off after 30 minutes or so. These breasts pumps are made with a built-in sensor that understands well when it is not being used. This enables you to save energy.

Even after a tiring day, you can sit back and pump breast milk without worrying about falling asleep.

Can You Use A Breast Pump While Sleeping?

A lot of mothers wonder if their breast pump can work even at night. The answer is an obvious no.

You can’t pump milk when you are sleeping or feeling sleepy. It won’t work even if you are sitting or leaning forward, too. You’ll just end up with a wet lap, overflowing baby bottle, and sheets to clean. You’ll wake up feeling tired as well.

So, in order to sleep less tired, you need to develop a routine. You can start by changing your sleeping routine. Sleep when your baby does and wake up with him. This way, you will be fresh and less tired because you have had already completed your sleep.

Another great way is to wake your baby up before you go to bed. You change your baby’s diaper, give him a nice bath, feed them and rock him to sleep. With that, you’ll baby will be comforted, dry, clean, and fed. He’ll be able to sleep well, giving you the opportunity to sleep well at night, too.

This way, you’ll be able to sleep well since you won’t need to wake up occasionally at night to feed your child or change diapers. You can also split hours with your partner. He can attend to your baby while you sleep and vice versa. That way, both of you will be able to get a good night rest.

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