Can I Pump While Sleeping?


This is an important question regarding new moms. It’s very hard to live with your own sleeping cycles and circadian rhythms when you have a new human being to care for, whom in fact might have different sleeping times than yours. Sometimes nights become days and viceversa. Getting an 8 hour sleep seems like a distant fantasy especially, if you are a mother of many children.

You can never anticipate when your child will require nursing or when and how many times a day do your breasts need drainage. In such circumstances it is always very exhausting for the mother to nurse her child and still have a healthy body and mind.

How Many Times Should You Breastfeed In A Day

Many women ask this question to their doctors and lactation consultants like there is a magical number out there and they need to know what it is. They believe that for instance if 9 feeds a day are adequate then they would feed their child nine times a day so they can sleep at night.

This however is absolutely wrong, because every child has different needs and every breast has different storage and lactation capacity. Some mothers can feed up to 9 to 10 times a day while others may require less than 5 times. It is also depends on the routine of the mother and the child. How much and how often will the child need it cannot be calculated beforehand. You need to see and keep a check in your mind about the normal routine of your child to know that very well.

The Disadvantages Of Pumping Milk And How Companies Have Altered Them

Now, many mothers will agree with me on this that pumping machines for expression of breast milk don’t always give you the relaxation you need. Instead, you have to sit in a specific position for a certain amount of time which mostly 15 minutes to fill a bottle of 4 ounces. The ideal position for most of the pumping machines is to sit propped forwards.

This way the milk flow is increased to a maximum. But if you are tired or had a stressful day, than sitting forward for very long can take you all day and will put you in great amount of stress. Even 15 minutes will look like 15 hours. And hence the reason why mothers prefer to feed their child through powdered milk than breast milk because they are too tired to sit up for even a minute more.

This feature has been altered a bit by certain manufacturers and they have started making breast pumps they now allow you to sit back comfortably in your couch while the pump is doing its job. With the help of breastshields, now the pump can easily attach and work properly even when you are in a leaning back position. Some breast pumps are manufactured with software that turns off after 30 minutes or so.

These breasts pumps are made with a built in sensor that understands well when it is not being used and goes on a standby mode to conserve energy. So now after a tiring day you can sit back and pump breast milk, and if you fall asleep they will automatically turn off. Such breast pumps are made specifically keeping this point in their mind.

However this feature is not present in all of the breast pumps and you will have to search for these ones in the market.

Can You Sleep During Pumping Milk

Many mothers ask this question as they want to know if their breast pump works magically even at night. But the answer is an obvious no. You can’t pump milk when you are sleeping, or feeling sleepy. This is because many times when mothers are pumping milk in the wee hours of the morning they fall asleep naturally regardless of the fact that they are sitting leaning forwards or backwards. And when they wake up they report to have had a wet lap or an overflow bottle. And some extra cleans to do. Not to mention the lingering feeling of tiredness because of sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

So in order to sleep less tired you will need to develop certain habits of yours like that of your baby’s. First of all, change your sleeping routine. Sleep when your baby does and wake up with him. This way you will be fresh and less tired because you have had already completed your sleep instead of being lethargic. This however is only applicable for stay at home moms.

Another great way is to wake your baby up before you go to bed. You change your babies diaper give him or her nice bath, talk to them feed them and then rock them to sleep. This way they will be all comforted, dry, clean, fed and will sleep fully while also giving you the opportunity to sleep well at night too.

This way you also are able to sleep well without the need to wake up occasionally at night to feed your child or change diapers or anything. You can also do the split timing thing, when dad get to wake up to change diapers while mom sleep. This way you too can get a good night rest.

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