Can Infant Car Seat Face Forwards


With the advent of car seats it is now more possible for you to make your child face forwards rather than rearwards. This is usually done after your child reaches a certain age limit, before that you are not allowed to take your child in a car seat that is facing forwards. Car seats are made so that pediatric age group can travel with the adults too without any danger.

Car seats or restrain seats not only give the children the security they need but also give their back the support they require for their proper growth. The car seat for infants helps to keep the children in place so that even in the event of disaster the child gets minimal injuries.

Forward Facing Car Seats Benefits

Many parents wish to see their child while driving and find it much better to make him or sit in a car seat that faces forwards. This rule however doesn’t imply on that easily. According to state laws most children are not allowed to sit facing forwards rather than backwards. But after a certain age, weight and height the children outgrow their rear facing car seats and have to be seated in forward facing car seats.

As a rule of thumb children over 20 pounds of weight cannot be seated in a car seat facing rearwards and hence have to be then adjusted. This way one way the forward facing car seats become beneficial is that they allow the children to be seated safely and securely even when they outgrow their age and their height. Most state laws say that children should be restrained in a car seat until the age of 4-9 after which the booster seats take the place.

Due to vehicular accidents many children who die are in fact children, because of their weak muscles and delicate skeletal muscular framework. To reduce this from happening there are child restraint seats that allow the children to be seated in their place with no chance of fatal injury.

Another added benefit of the forward facing car seats is that children who are over the age of 2 years tend to sit up and get all panicked if they are made to lie down for very long. This way many parents have problems while driving because their children’s cries and pleas to get them out of their car seat restraints gets distracting.

The rearward facing car seats are made for children to lie down. But the forward facing car seats give the children the option to sit up safely and hence enjoy a peaceful ride back home. This is a great thing for the parents who want to drive quietly and concentrate on the road and the traffic rather than the cries of their child.

The rearwards facing car seats are usually height and weight restricted and allow the child to lie down on it comfortably until the child reaches a specific age, height or weight up on which the child can no longer be seated safely. This is where the forward facing car seats come into action. You can keep your child all safe and secure in a car seat while also giving him enough room to settle down and sit comfortably.

Many parents also like to see their child while driving, seeing how he or she is doing sleeping or playing. With the rearward facing car seats this action cannot be completed and hence the parent will have to wait until he or she reached their destination. With the forward facing car seat this problem is solved and you can easily look at your child while keep an eye on the road too.

Forward Facing Seats Drawbacks

So why up on so many benefits the forward facing car seats are not used for children for all ages weights and heights. There is a very important medical reason backing it. And that is the weak muscles of the neck of the child. During any accident, especially forward collision, the head propels forwards causing a jerk and most of the times a concussion in any adults head.

But when it comes to children, head jerk results into tearing of the delicate muscles and eventually the arteries supplying the brain resulting in immediate death. This is the e reason also why airbags are deactivated when car seats are adjusted in the front seat. According to a research, in United States of America the rate of accidental injuries in children and infants is 5 times higher with forward facing car seats.

This means that you can use this car seat for your child, but after a certain age limit upto which your child’s musculature becomes strong and is able to withstand extreme pressures. Until then the rearwards facing car seat is the best and the safest option that you have.

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