What You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide Detector Mounting Height


You don’t need to wait for winter to come before you check your carbon monoxide detectors and make sure that they’re working perfectly. Since carbon monoxide detectors can be deadly, you need to maximize your home’s protection by placing your detectors in the right places. Now, what is the correct carbon monoxide detector mounting height?

Install detectors 5 feet from the ground

This is the best place for your detectors to get the most accurate reading. However, it’s not a strict rule. What’s more important is that you have enough carbon monoxide detectors at home. There should be one unit for every level of your house, including your basement.

Where you place the detectors matters a lot, too. They shouldn’t be installed next to or above a fuel-burning appliance as well as in areas that are humid.

Additionally, you should have one unit installed in every sleeping area. This is because CO levels tend to get too high at night and with members of the family sleeping soundly, carbon monoxide detectors need to be heard easily.

For added security, ensure that your units have functioning batteries inside. They should also be tested regularly. If you are unsure how to do that, you can contact the manufacturer or ask a professional to help you out.