How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Needed In A House


Carbon monoxide is present in fumes typically produced each time you burn fuel in grills, gas ranges, and fireplaces. It can build up in your home and put your entire family at risk. If you breathe in a lot of it, it can easily make you pass out or worse, it might end up killing you.

With that, you need to make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors installed at home and that you have enough of them. So, how many carbon monoxide detectors are needed in a house?

There should be one CO alarm at each level of the house

If you have a basement, make sure that you have one CO alarm there as well. This is really important, especially if you have a gas dryer or furnace in that location.

CO detectors, however, aren’t recommended to be installed in attics. You should also avoid setting CO detectors in your bathrooms and next to fireplaces, open windows and heating appliances. Avoid placing them behind furniture, cupboards, and near boilers as well.

Now, to increase your family’s protection, you should invest in a good smoke detector, too. Also, make sure that your family knows the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and what they need to do in case it happens.