How to Care for Inflatable Hot Tub


Inflatable tubs offer a lot of convenience along with other advantages but they do require a bit of maintenance just like other more permanent models. These tubs have filters that can be easily clogged and they would need cleaning every once in a while. To properly care for an inflatable hot tub, you just need to follow a few simple and easy steps.

Why is It Important to Maintain Your Inflatable Tub?

One of the most important reasons on why you should care for an inflatable hot tub is to maintain a healthy environment in which to soak. This would also ensure that your hot tub unit lasts longer and continues to function properly.

Most of the time, your inflatable hot tub will have an owner’s manual included which will tell you how to care for an inflatable hot tub. Whether you still have your manual or have lost it, the guidelines in this article will help you keep your tub working like new at all times.

Steps on How to Care for Inflatable Hot Tub

So what are the specific steps to care for the inflatable hot tub? Here are some of the basics.

  • Keep the pH Balanced

    One way to ensure the long life of your hot tub is to always keep the pH in the water balanced. Test the pH as well as the alkalinity of the water using test kits. Usually, these test kits are included when you purchase your inflatable hot tub. If not, there are test kits available online as well as from pool and spa supply stores. For cleaning bathtubs, here are the best bathtub cleaners.

    Adjust the pH and alkalinity of the water as necessary using the included tablets in the balancing kit. 7.4 to 7.8 pH is a good target range. Remember not to let the pH get too low because it may damage the vinyl in your tub and degrade its quality. You must check the pH at least once a week.

  • Sanitize the Water

    You should also regularly sanitize the water in the tub by using some sanitizing solution. Follow the recommended amount on the package. Always sanitize the tub before use to care for an inflatable hot tub. you should still sanitize it weekly if not in use.

  • Clean the Filter

    Another important habit is to clean the hot tub filter at least once a week. Remove the filter and clean it by wiping away any debris using a paper towel. Then hold the filter under running water to remove smaller particles.

    The filter of your hot tub is usually in a compartment under a removable screw cap. If you’re not sure where it is located, refer to your owner’s manual, the box, or check the manufacturer’s website.

    Whenever you notice debris like leaves or grass particles in the hot tub, take some time to check the filter. The filters in inflatable hot tubs are more easily clogged than permanent models so make sure to clear it regularly.

  • Clean the Hot Tub with Mild Soap

    Aside from the filter, you must clean the hot tub regularly as well. Drain your inflatable hot tub once every 3 to 4 weeks and clean the inside with mild liquid soap. Rinse the tub thoroughly using a hose until you don’t see any remaining soap bubbles.

    After cleaning with soap and rinsing, let your hot tub dry completely before folding it and storing it. It’s important that your tub is completely dry before putting it in storage so that it doesn’t develop mold or mildew. This is one of the essential final steps on how to care for an inflatable hot tub.

  • Repeat pH Testing and Sanitation

    When you’re ready to use your inflatable hot tub again, after cleaning, drying, and storing it, you must remember to repeat the pH testing and sanitation process before every use. Balance the pH level using the balancing kit and sanitize the water with your sanitizing solution. Remember that you need to sanitize the hot tub once a week even when not in use to care for an inflatable hot tub.

When to Change Filters

Even if you regularly clean the filter on your inflatable hot tub, it still requires replacement after some time. It is recommended that you replace or discard your hot tub’s filter after about 6 months of use to care for an inflatable hot tub.

Other Tips

Take these extra precautions to care for an inflatable hot tub.

  • Make sure that you or anyone who will be using the inflatable hot tub takes a quick shower before going in. This prevents flakes from the skin and body oil, as well as other residues from getting in the water.
  • Keep the tub covered when not in use to avoid any unwanted particles from getting inside.
  • Place the inflatable hot tub on a flat surface when in use to prevent sharp objects from puncturing the surface.
  • Wear sandals or slippers when walking to the tub to ensure that your feet are clean when you step in and prevent debris from getting into the water.

Maintenance Supplies

Here are some maintenance supplies that you could use to care for an inflatable hot tub. You can use these if your tub did not come with supplies or you have used up the kits included in your tub.

Spa Choice Granular pH Increaser for Spas and Hot Tubs

Pool Mate Spa Alkalinity Up for Spas and Hot Tubs

Zodiac Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer

Regularly cleaning the filter of your tub, cleaning the water and balancing the pH are necessary steps to care for an inflatable hot tub. Same is true when caring for your personal sauna. Remember that the material of inflatable tubs is more sensitive than permanent hot tubs so keep your tub in an area where it will not be punctured. Keep yourself as well as other people using the tub clean before getting into the hot tub to prevent residues and oils from mixing with the hot water in your tub. Spending on replacement filters and cleaning supplies may cost you money but it will save you from having to buy a new inflatable tub when you properly care for an inflatable hot tub.