3 Common Causes of Frizzy Hair You Need to Know About


Wondering why you’re constantly dealing with frizz? Don’t worry; we’re going to explain the causes of frizzy hair.

Exposure to heat regularly will make your hair dry

Dryness is a huge factor for developing frizz. It is usually caused by heat.

That’s why you shouldn’t spend too much time in a hot shower. Keep the temperature lukewarm as well. Following these tips will prevent loss of natural oil on your hair, which minimizes frizz.

You should also use hot hair tools responsibly. Don’t use high temperatures. You should apply heat protectant spray all over your hair, too.

Applying shampoo every day will make your hair dull

Dullness is commonly linked to frizz. Contrary to what the commercials suggest, shampoos can actually suck the life out of your hair.

However, that will only happen if you apply shampoo daily. Garnier suggests doing it two to three times a week only.

Another thing that can reduce the damage is the product’s formula. Make sure that it’s right for your hair type. One ideal option is the hydrating shampoo to deeply moisturize your roots.

Using a rough hair towel reduces moisture

You should avoid terrycloth towels when it comes to hair care. The thick material doesn’t absorb water fast, which will force you to use it longer than necessary. That leads to the gradual absorption of natural oil.

The solution is to use a microfiber hair towel. Microfiber is so excellent at absorbing water, resulting in a shorter drying time. You can actually make the duration even shorter with a hot air brush.

In Conclusion

Again, the causes of frizzy hair are extreme heat, daily shampooing, and rough towels. Avoid all of these from now on so you can finally achieve soft shiny hair.