Champion Power Equipment 46596 4000-Watt Portable Generator Review



Champion power equipment 46596 is an invaluable way to prepare for emergencies power backup. This is the simplest as well as the most effective backup power system. The unit constitutes 3500 rated watts and 4000 starting watts, producing maximum output. This particular portable generator has the capacity of operating household appliances and lights, including: TVs, sump pump, and lights.

It is able to do all these due to its remarkable features. In addition, champion power 46596 is equipped with overload protection mechanism, and low-oil sensor, which are meant to protect the engine; therefore, making the unit long-lasting, reliable, and durable. It is not an oversized generator; therefore, it is the most convenient power gear during emergencies, since it is easier to handle.

Important Features and Specs

Champion 46596 features a long-lasting tubular frame that provides its firm protection. The unit runs on (champion single cylinder) 4-stroke OHV engine that provides you with 3500 running watts, providing your essential electrical appliances and lights enough power whenever necessary. With a four-gallon fuel tank, champion 46596, has the ability to run up to twelve hours at half load. It is armed with overload protection mechanism, and low-oil sensor; thus increasing its life span, and making it easy to maintain.

The generator is protected from damage by the push-to-reset circuit breakers. It runs effectively at sixty eight decibels noise level, which hardly interferes with your activities. The tubular steel frame ensures that the generator protection along with durability is reinforced. You can use the voltmeter to monitor generator output conveniently. Setup and startup is easy, especially with the presence of the easy pull recoil start, and it has a thirty ampere RV receptacle, which allows you to plug into the unit directly without the need of adapters.

The unit weighs ninety seven pounds and has the following assembled dimensions: assembled depth of 24 inches, assembled width of 29 inches, and assembled height of 25 inches. Its weight and assembled dimensions make it compact and portable. Champion power 46596 is NOT CARB compliant, does not have built-in inverter, but it is equipped with auto idle control system. Its engine detail consists of 6.5hp, 196 engine displacement, runs on gasoline and it has a 4-stroke OHV engine.

Champion 46596 has a four-gallon fuel tank capacity, 1.5 full load fuel consumption, low-oil shutdown system, automatic circuit breaker and reset, overload protection system, and spark arrestor muffler. It has twelve hours per tank run time at half load. It is integrated with 120V AC load, 3600 RPM, single phase, and 60Hz frequency. Moreover, it has no certification as well as listings.


  • On full tank and at half load, the unit offers twelve hours of dependable clean power.
  • Has an easy setup and startup; it starts after the first pull and it is known to be much quieter than most gas powered generators.
  • Has a separate wheel kit, which makes it easier for you to move the generator from one location to another.
  • A good choice for emergency situations, such as a hurricane since it is easy to start and handle.


  • NOT CARB compliant; therefore, it cannot be purchased by California residents.

Who Should Buy

You should buy this generator whenever you need clean power for the following activities: backup power during emergencies, such as a hurricane; camping and hunting trips; and for conducting chores within and outside the house. Champion power equipment 46596 will provide you with adequate power that will keep your refrigerator/ freezer, lights, TV and a few of your fans running effectually.

Apart from being easy to setup and startup, the unit is light enough; thus allowing you to load it to your truck and unloading it whenever you are out camping or hunting. Champion 46596 will most definitely surprise you, as far as its abilities are concerned. It has the ability to power a 6000 BTU A/C set on sixty four degrees; despite the fact it is operating a hairdryer of 1850 rated watts at the same time.

While other people are struggling with power outage, you can be sleeping with your fans on, preserve your food in the refrigerator/freezer, and watch some movies on your laptop. Your water pump will continue pumping water despite the outage. Champion power equipment 46596 is the best purchase you can possibly make for emergency situations.


Champion power equipment 46596 works great despite how long the power will be out, and it runs like a real champion. Buying the unit will enable you to experience how easy it is to operate and how sufficient it is in supplying power for your household and camping electrical appliances.

The generator will without a doubt match the surge potential of your appliances, and its surge watt will factor in your purchasing decision. This unit is a good generator for your money; given the fact that it is conveniently quiet when compared to other portable generators.