When to Change Baby Car Seat to Front Facing


As parents, you’re probably paying close attention to each of your child’s milestones. However, when it comes to his safety in the car, you shouldn’t be in a rush.

While there’s no strict rule as to when to change baby car seat to front facing, you should keep him in that position whenever traveling for as long as possible. At the minimum, keep him that way at least until he’s 2 years old.

Children at that age are 5 times less likely to be seriously injured or die in a car crash if they are positioned that way.

If you turn a child under 2 years old to a forward-facing position, a crash can easily leave him with injuries in his head, spinal cord or neck. They just aren’t that strong to withstand crash forces without the additional protection rear-facing seats provide.

Now, if you still don’t own a car seat for your infant, it’s probably the right time to invest in one. It keeps your baby safe whenever you are traveling. Don’t worry about the price as there are quality infant car seats you can get under $50.

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