How Often Should You Change Deep Fryer Oil


Since deep-frying requires a lot of oil, it would be such a waste if you’d just throw it away. You should use the oil multiple times, but you also have to know when to replace it. How often should you change deep fryer oil?

There’s no exact answer to this. It depends on the food you’re cooking. What’s left for you to do is monitor the oil’s quality before you use it again.

Pay attention to these signs:

  • The oil has a strange odor.
  • The oil becomes foamy and smokes a lot when you heat it.
  • The food has a weird color and taste.

To preserve the quality of oil so you can use it longer, check out these tips:

  • Cover the oil inside the fryer when not in use.
  • Remove excess batter by shaking the food before cooking it.
  • Don’t season the food before frying it (do it afterward).
  • Clean the fryer before refilling it to maintain the oil’s quality for several uses.

In Conclusion

How often should you change deep fryer oil?

We can’t say the exact frequency, but you have the power to decide when to replace it. Just monitor the quality of oil and food every time you use the fryer. This will help you detect changes in color, odor, and taste.

Just because deep-frying requires a generous amount of oil doesn’t mean that it’s the worst cooking method out there. Check out the advantages of this cooking technique.

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