How Often Should You Change Nursing Pads


Even though not all moms will need nursing pads for breastfeeding, you should get at least one pack. This way, you’ll be ready whether you’ll leak heavily or occasionally. And once you do, you need to know the answer to this common nursing question: how often should you change nursing pads?

Change as soon as the pads become damp.

That’s right. Don’t wait for your pads to dry up before you replace them. Doing that can just increase your risk of getting nipple infections.

In case you are getting treatment for breast or nipple yeast, you may need to be more deliberate in changing them to completely kill the yeast.

Change before you go to bed.

Bedtime is probably the longest stretch you’ll have to wear your nursing pads. Because of that, make it a habit to start that long stretch with new and dry pads. If you don’t feel like wearing new ones every night, double check if the ones you are wearing aren’t soaked yet.


How often should you change nursing pads?

Do it each time your pads are damp. That’s one way to prevent nasty breast and nipple infections that can put you and your baby’s health at risk.

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