How Often Should You Change Your Razor


We all know that razors eventually wear out. When the time comes, you have to replace your razor immediately. In order for you to get ready for that inconvenient moment, let’s find out – how often should you change your razor?

It’s all about the number of shaves.

No one can really point out when exactly razors lose their sharpness. Whether it would take a few weeks or several months, we can’t be sure.

However, since companies such as Gilette still recommend regular replacement, the number of shaves has become the basis. Ideally, it’s best to discard your razor after 10 shaves.

However, that can only be possible with proper care.

The idea of replacing your razor after 10 shaves is not a guarantee. It’s possible that its sharpness would only last for five shaves or less.

Once you notice that you have to press the razor harder on your skin, you need to stop and use another one right away. If you’d choose to continue, you might cut yourself which may result in an infection.

A dull blade is not the only factor for an urgent replacement. Rust and hard-to-reach dirt between the blades are also telltale signs.

To prevent premature dullness, corrosion, and accumulation of gunk, remember these four rules:

  1. Shave with a shaving cream.
  2. Rinse the blades thoroughly.
  3. Air-dry the razor.
  4. Store the razor in a cupboard or any dry space.


How often should you change your razor?

After 10 shaves, replace your razor straightaway. However, if you’d start noticing dull blades, rust, and dirty surfaces you can’t wash off, change your razor even before you reach your 10th shave.

Meanwhile, are you doing the right thing whenever you shave? Just to be sure, take a look at our tips on how to shave with a safety razor.