Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30-Inch Review



Char-Broil 30-inch electric vertical smoker is a four-star electric smoker that is worth the money. It is among the best inexpensive electric smokers in the market. The smoker’s design allows for easy operation; thus this is the best product for those smoking for the first time and for those who have experience with smoking food.

The smoker provides you with a reliable temperature adjustment control; therefore, you can easily adjust the temperature to fit your requirements. This unit has abundant of great features, including three chrome-plated cooking grates, and five hundred and four square inch cast iron cooking grate.

Important Features and Specs

The electric smoker is fitted with three adjustable chrome-plated cooking grates made of oven style. These oven style cooking grates provide a total cooking area of five hundred and four square inch. The unit is equipped with a porcelain-coated woodchip chamber for adding chunk flavor, along with a water pan and a porcelain ash pan.

The smoker has a double walled construction that is insulated to ensure that the interior/ cooking temperature is maintained within the unit, along with a front-mounted temperature gauge. You can actually try various smoker recipes on this unit, and the temperature will still be maintained.

The smoker’s design both interior and exterior allow you to check on wood chips and water conveniently without interfering with the cooking temperature. Therefore, this unit does not need constant monitoring when compared to other units in the market. The unit’s assembling process will not wear out your muscles, it is as simple as you would have imagined. Furthermore, you only need to wipe the smoker clean by using a damp cloth as far as care and cleaning are concerned.

Char-Broil 30-inch electric vertical smoker’s frame material is steel. This smoker is equipped with a 1,500-watt heating element that does not easily leak heat. The smoker measures 17.5 by 20 by 37.8 inches, and weighs 49.6 pounds, making it compact and fairly lightweight. Therefore, you can conveniently carry and transport it from one place to another with the help of the side handles.

The unit’s power source is electricity; hence it is fitted with an electric cord that is long enough. The smoker has a minimum temperature of fifty and a maximum temperature of four hundred and fifty. This range is sufficient enough to ensure that you have outstanding smoking experience. The unit’s interior material and rack material are made of steel, and interior material detail is cold rolled steel.


  • This electric smoker is fitted with three chrome-plated plates that effectively provide you with a cooking area of five hundred and four square inch.
  • The smoker uses a 1,500 watt heating element, which provides sufficiently, provides the much needed heat, and it does not leak heat easily.
  • You can conveniently adjust this electric smoker’s temperature from as minimum as fifty to a maximum of four hundred and fifty, providing you with maximum smoking experience.
  • The smoker’s double walled construction with insulation ensures that the cooking temperature is maintained within the unit.


  • The smoker may present some issues with the heating element after a few rounds of use; for instance, the heating element may break.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Char-Broil 30-Inch electric vertical smoker if you are tired with the traditional electric smokers in the market. Unlike other electric smokers, this unit does not require you to constantly monitor it, as far as the temperature is concerned. The temperature gauge allows you to effectively set the desired cooking temperature, which you are certain will not raise any issues.

This unit is more of an electric smoker than a steamer when compared to other smokers. You should always expect the best results regardless of what you are smoking; whether it’s cabbage, sausages, potatoes, chicken or meat. You can obtain the most desirable cooking temperature by simply pre-heating the unit.

You do not need to struggle with the ill-designed smokers in the market; this unit’s design allows you to effectively check on the food, water and chips easily. The smoker’s operation is simple; thus you do not need to be an expert in smoking food to be able to use this smoker. You should make purchase to experience the superiority of this electric smoker.


Char-Broil 30-Inch electric vertical smoker is the best smoker choice if you are after a unit that does not only cost less than $200, but also has so many proven features. One of the unique features that draw the line between this smoker and the ordinary smokers in the market is its ability to maintain the cooking temperature, due to its insulated double-walled construction. The simplicity of the design makes operation easy for you. Well, as far as the heating element is concerned, it is the best, rated at 1,500 watts. The 1,500 watts heating element provides sufficient heat and it hardly leaks heat.