Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener Review



This knife sharpener stands to be the most ideal alternative for sharpening Western (American and European) knives as well as Asian knives. This unit is a high quality electric knife sharpener that has the ability of providing your knives with exceptionally sharp edges only for a few seconds.

This sharpener is not a gimmick like other sharpeners you may find in the market. The sharpener provides you with alternatives as far as sharpening Western and Asian style knives are concerned. This 15 Trizor XV edge select from Chef’s choice presents you with the most professional knife sharpening features.

Important Features and Specs

15 Trizor XV uses ultra-sharp edge select technology, which make certain that the end results, is razor sharp edge. The sharpener presents you with solidity of a triple Trizor edge, with which you can effectively hone your knives to achieve a high performance of fifteen 15° angle. The sharpener is equipped with three sharpening slots, which provide you with a three-stage sharpening process.

The sharpener’s 3-stage process, along with the resourceful as well as flexible stropping disc has the ability of sharpening the edge of your knives’ blades with negligible metal removal. The negligible metal removal is extremely important in extending the life of your expensive, fine knives. This unit makes use of diamond abrasives in stage one to create exceptionally fine micro grooves, and at the same time create the very first vital bevel of the arch-shaped edge.

In the second stage, the sharpener makes use of finer diamond abrasives based on conical discs for shaping the second, smaller bevel with even finer micro grooves. The third and last stage employs the use of patented as well as flexible abrasives discs to effectively fabricate an ultra-smooth, razor-sharp edge.

It is in the third stage where the third as well as final bevel is created, and it is in the third stage where serrated knives are properly sharpened. There is no limitation to how frequently you can sharpen your knives, since it all depends on how often your knives are used, and in what conditions.

Chef’s choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect knife sharpener measures 12 by 6.2 by 6.4 inches, and it weighs 5 pounds, making it ultraportable. The sharpener is electric powered and it is equipped with three sharpening slots, each of which is numbered for easy identification.

The unit’s design is made from enamel on steel, and it is equipped with enamel-on-steel stands for support. The sharpener is also incorporated with flexible spring guides, which automatically adjust the sharpening angle. In addition, the unit is installed with a simple switch (on/off).


  • The unit sharpens Asian, European, and American knives, including serrated and straight edge knives, and has the ability of converting twenty-degree factory knife edge into high-performance bevel fifteen-degree edge.
  • The sharpener is equipped with flexible spring guides, which automatically adjust the sharpening angle appropriately. This ensures that your knife receives the exact sharpening without causing any damage.
  • Multi-stage sharpening process provides razor sharpness. The stages are uniquely designed to provide your knife with the appropriate sharpness. The third stage can effectively be used to sharpen serrated knives by straightening and sharpening each tooth.
  • The knife sharpener uses ultra-sharp EdgeSelect technology; therefore, you can effectively hone your knives to achieve a high quality 15° angle for improved and better performance.


  • Chef’s choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect will definitely provide your knife with super sharpness; however, it may leave some micro scratches on your blade if not carefully used.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Chef’s choice 15 Trizor XV if you want your knives, either Western or Asian styles, to receive razor sharpness. A feature unique to this knife sharpener is its ability to convert different knife blades into a fifteen-degree edge angle. You should not be doubtful when choosing this unit, particularly if you have experienced the poor performance of other knife sharpeners in the market.

This sharpener should be your first choice for working out your expensive knives, since it removes negligible amount of metal. This is the sharpener you should consider buying when you have some extensively blunt knives in your kitchen. Well, the unit’s resourcefulness extends beyond straight edge knives, since you can also use it to sharpen serrated knives.


Chef’s choice 15 Trizor XV is designed to sharpen all your straight edge knives as well as serrated edge knives. This model will straighten, re-align and sharpen your serrated edge knives in third stage to provide them with the desired sharpness. This sharpener is designed not to cause excessive wear to your knives.

This is so since most of the sharpening occurs in the stropping stage, which gets rid of only minute amounts of metal. This unit provides you with alternatives for sharpening different types of knives. Therefore, purchasing the sharpener will not only be the best move to make, but also you will be guaranteeing your knives razor sharpness.