Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener-White Review



This is an incredibly unique knife sharpener, which has the ability of creating new sharp blade. This device has proven to be safe for sharpening high quality knives. The sharpener has the ability of restoring a twenty-degree edge for American and European knives, and a fifteen-degree edge for Asian knives.

The unit has distinctive stropping as well as polishing stage. The design is not only attractive, but also firm and highly useful. The unit can effectively be operated by people of different experience levels, and the outcome will still be great. This consumer product is all about precision sharpening.

Important Features and Specs

Chef’s choice 320 diamond hone knife sharpener creates a sharp edge with its multi-stage capabilities. You can conveniently use this unit on high quality knives without worrying that they will get damaged. The sharpener is designed to restore a twenty-degree edge for American and European knives, and fifteen-degree edge for Asian knives. The sharpener’s operation is based on a two-stage sharpening process.

This process ensures that your knives are well-grinded and smoothen for precision sharpness. The unit presents 100% diamond honing that guarantees never to de-temper. You should not be worried about your blade going off course, since the unit is installed with precision elastomeric spring guides, which hold your knife’s blade at the correct sharpening angle. The unit’s patented stropping is amazing as well its polishing stage.

This sharpener’s newest sharpening technology, the model 320, presents to you, all your knife sharpening alternatives in a single unique unit. The unit is known to skillfully sharpen steels as well as strops of different brands and categories of knives. These do include serrated or straight edge knives, such as pocket and sports knives. The sharpener uses 100% diamond coated disk during the first stage, along with a patented stropping or polishing during the second stage.

The sharpener doesn’t cause excessive wear to your knives, since most of the re-sharpening occurs during the stropping/ polishing phase. Chef’s choice 320 measures 10.6 x 6.4 x 6.3 inches and it weighs 1.2 pounds, making it compact and ultraportable.

The sharpener has two sharpening stages, and it has fine diamond sharpening phase for dull knives. It has stropping or polishing stage, and its rated wattage is 125 watts. The sharpener is equipped with precision spring angle guides. The unit has a sleek, plastic, electric powered designed that is easy to operate and highly user-friendly.


  • Model 320 is safe for sharpening high quality knives, and it has the ability of restoring a twenty-degree edge for American and European knives, and a fifteen-degree edge for Asian knives.
  • The sharpener can effectively work out serrated blades as well as fine-edge blades, including Japanese single bevel edges, Santuko, pocket knives, and sports knives. It can also sharpen double bevel blades as well as thicker Deba-style blades.
  • The sharpener is easy to use, since it has in-built elastomeric springs that hold your knife’s blade firmly against the angle guides; thus getting rid of any guess work. This makes it easy and safe to sharpen expensive knives without damaging them in the process.
  • The two stages make it possible to achieve a sharper edge than the factory edge; this is obtained quickly and effortlessly. In stage one, the sharpener makes use of 100% diamond coated disk, and in stage two it makes use of a patented stropping/ polishing disk.


  • Chef’s choice 320 diamond hone knife sharpener does not have a coarse diamond sharpening phase for extremely dull knives, which is a challenge for those with such knives and wish to use this unit.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Chef’s choice 320 when your knives start crushing ripe tomatoes instead of slicing the tomatoes appropriately. This is an indication that your knives need sharpening. Unlike other knife sharpeners in the market; the sharpening action of model 320 is very easy.

All you need to do is run your knife through the first sharpening slot, and then through the second slot for a convenient number of times, and your knife will come out with razor-sharpness. This unit ensures that each and every penny you spend on it is accounted for. Get an incredibly new sharp blade with this new electric knife sharpener. All you need to do is get your own Chef’s choice 320.


Chef’s choice 320 is just the perfect knife to engage. This four-star, two-stage knife sharpener provides you with all the sharpening power. You will definitely admire the blade guides. They are the best in holding your knife’s blade.

You should plan to buy this electric knife sharpener. The sharpener works pretty well, it is easy to use, and your knives will definitely be sharper afterwards. You should stop hunting down for the best knife sharpeners, since this one is just perfect, and its price is good. This unit is fast, and it does not eat your knife’s blade, but it makes your knife’s blade razor-sharp.