Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Black Grey Super Soft Goose Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set, Queen/Full Size Review



Featuring a stylish design that also gives you the optimum comfort that you need at night, the Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Black Grey Super Soft Goose Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set, Queen/Full Size is a fit not only for your bed but for the overall ambiance of your room. For some, it helps if the shades found in the bedroom remind them of nighttime, especially those with difficulty sleeping.

How would you like your comforter in shades of grey? Going safe with black would be expected but knowing how some comforters add some level of aesthetic value to your bed after you make it, the colors serve as a welcome add-on.

Now, you have an option with the black and grey, depending on which side you want to stand out. Now let’s analyze the metrics and the benefits that go with it.

Important Features and Specs

Apart from the aesthetic value it adds due to the classic shades applied, it’s a set that includes a comforter and 2 pillowcases. The comforter is measured at 88 x 88, classified as a queen size comforter. Regular-sized pillowcases go with it are measured at 20 x 26, perfect to go with the comforter in case you need to replace even the pillowcases for the sake of mix-and-match.

Only the comforter is reversible but both shades found on the bedding complement the pillowcases included. Both the comforter and the pillowcases are also machine-washable. Instructions are found on the package on which knobs to turn and whether cold or hot water can be used in washing them.

To avoid any shifting when using the comforter in your sleep, the stitching design in box form. This would keep the down fillings in place even if you toss and turn in your sleep, with the bedding wrapped around you. Box stitching allows spaces in between the fillings, so it is evenly distributed, and the comforter feels natural and not lumpy. It also assures that it keeps you warm from head to toe.

When you wrap the comforter around you as you sleep, the natural body temperature is absorbed through direct contact, which makes the comforter even warmer. It then uses the same heat to keep you warm in return. It’s the only way that it can absorb temperature and not when it is left resting on top of the bed. This comforter stays warm throughout the night and all throughout the year without letting the room temperature get under its shell.

Another great thing about the design of this comforter, despite the rich colors on either sides, is it doesn’t leak or stain – If you’re worried about the strong black shades sticking to your bed or mattress. Same thing goes for whatever piece of clothing that you are wearing when you use the comforter. This is a problem that’s been encountered with other brands of comforters that have strong colors. No black marks on the bed or on the clothes or any shades of grey whatsoever.


  • Soft and fluffy to the skin
  • Shades of black and grey adds a classic feel to the bed
  • Provides warmth during the chilly nights
  • Lightweight and easy to tuck into bed when it’s time to sleep


  • Not so isolated cases of the feather bedding spilling out of the comforter, both black side and grey side
  • Isolated cases of the comforter slipping off the bed
  • Gets dismantled when machine-washed due to faulty-stitching
  • 88 x 88 is not really queen-sized, more like standard size

Who Should Buy

Those who are particular about style and would like a change of color in their bedrooms, along with solving their sleeping patterns would be happy with this comforter. If you have problems sleeping at night and you think that the overall look of your bedroom (that includes the bed and the pillows), it might be a good idea to invest in a set of this black and gray shaded set of bedding.

The classic shades of black and grey are quite efficient in inducing peaceful sleep. It helps a lot when you would apply a whole new look to your bedroom that would include changing the pillowcases too.


When changing your beddings in order to induce a better sleep is not enough, then it would be a sensible decision to change even the shades that you see on your bedroom. The dark colors can actually be helpful in reminding you that it’s already night time and you’re off to bed.

Sleeping patterns are easier to fix this way and comforters that go with pillowcases that make the room darker when the lights go out would condition your mind into sleeping. So if you’re the type who needs visual reminders in order to feel sleepy, you might want to give this comforter set a try.