Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter, Full/Queen with Corner Tab Review



There is good news for heavy sleepers this coming year. The gift of a sound, uninterrupted sleep is perhaps the best way to welcome the New Year, with a nice comforter that would induce better sleep and promote better health conditions. The Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter is designed with unique corner tabs that would make it easier to tuck into bed, great for taller people who move around a lot while sleeping. It is also a little less expensive than other comforters with the same features.

Important Features and Specs

This White Goose Down collection has a luxurious feel to it, yet it is about half the price lower than the premium sheets. It helps induce better sleeping patterns at night. It contains luxury goose down; stuffed neatly, to keep the bed warm, especially during these times when the chilly breeze is upon us.

Though it is not light enough to be considered a lightweight comforter, it is not very heavy either, so it just provides the right warmth with a considerable bedding weight. It is not too fluffy and not too flat, as well, and is somewhat comparable to the bedding found in some hotels.

The edges of the comforter are piped, making the comforter easy to secure when you are the type of sleeper that rolls over the place – or what sleep experts call, hot sleepers. This avoids mornings or instances where you wake up and wonder how far the comforter went while you were tossing around the sheets as you sleep.

It also comes with a queen-sized mattress, which is great for those who want a bigger bed or want an upgrade from a single or double. So if you’re buying a comforter for a new home or a new room, this is a good deal because you spend a little less for the mattress if you still haven’t purchased one.

This comforter is made up of poly fiber, which makes it hypoallergenic. The goose down fillings are sewn neatly; with the covers secured through box-stitching patterns. So the goose down fillings stay in place even if you toss a lot around the bed. It avoids instances of the filling moving to one side of the comforter, to avoid an uneven filling distribution. It is thick enough in all spaces of the comforter, without it being too fluffy.

Specific instructions about washing the comforter has been provided. It is advisable to put it in the washer with cold water under a gentle cycle. It can be sun-dried afterwards. In case the tumble drier is used, dry the comforter with the knob on low setting.


  • Value for your money because for a low-priced comforter, it’s fluffy enough but not too heavy
  • For an almost as light as a lightweight comforter, it keeps you warm
  • Less risk of getting it ruined in the washer since instructions
    related to clean-up are explicitly stated on the package
  • Very few consumers consider this heavy due to the down filling used
  • It induces better sleep because of the warmth it provides


  • Some people have mentioned that the smell of polyester can be disturbing at times
  • Some isolated cases of the duvet cover needed in order for the comforter to function
  • The polyester look on the bed is more of an acquired taste, making buyers skip this comforter in favor of cotton-covered comforters

Who Should Buy

This would be perfect for people who are on a budget. No need to compromise quality and comfort for the sake of buying a comforter that you can afford. If what you want is real value for your money, then better not settle for something within the same price range, with less comfort features. This is a great starter set for those moving into new homes.


The Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter is one of those really reasonably priced comforters that offer a lot, with some very minor design flaws, though it’s mostly an issue about the polyester.

Polyester as an alternative material to cotton is a need addressed in response to the occasional shortage of cotton-based comforters. Not many people are willing to give it a try at first but managed to sleep with these beddings eventually.It is a great solution for those who are a little tight on the budget, without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Many people have expressed their delight that the comforter exceeded their expectations. It is a good option to try, especially if you’re planning to buy comforters for the whole house. You can get one set and try it for a few weeks and if it’s not something you prefer, then at least it wasn’t such a splurge.