Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System, Midori Review



The Chicco Cortina keyFit 30 travel system is a complete travel system for infants who are in their first year of life. There is a car seat base, a car seat that faces rearwards and a stroller that makes taking your child around with you so much easier. You can either carry your child while in the car, or like a hand carry or being adjusted to the Chicco Stroller and wheeled around.

This makes the transition for your baby so much easier and less distracting to his or her sleep. With this, you can buy 3 easy to use and important products by one simple click. This is also a good point as you do not need to buy several different traveling products from several different stores for your child. Awarded with 4.3 stars out of 5 this product is a must have for new moms and dads.

Features and Specifications

The Chicco cotina travel system is an all in one product with things like stroller, car seat, seat base all packaged in one. Easy to install easy to carry with LATCH modern system makes the life of the new parent so much more easily. Now your child joins your busy lifestyle from its day 1!

  • Car Seat Base

    The Chicco car seat base is made by the modern LATCH system that makes the installing extremely easy. It’s a one pull method, so all you do is just pull on the button and you easily attach or detach the seat from your car seat. The belt lock system gives the car seat the security it needs when it is locked in one place. This feature helps it remains fixed at its place, ideally a car seat should not move more than 1 inch and this seat base with its belt lock technology does exactly that.

  • Car Seat

    The car seat is made up on a 5 point harness along with harness pads that provide added support to your baby as well as keeps it still in its place. the comfortable and soft foam helps cushioning the baby and the EPS energy absorbing foam helps to absorb all the kinetic energy that might be produced if you car goes through any accident or collision or even severe brakes.

    There are additional cushioning pads that help to keep the baby comfortable and lie down in the correct posture. Keeping that in mind that a child’s spine and bone keeps on growing and has to be supported, the Chicco car seat with its supportive foam does exactly that. The car seat can be used for children who weigh from 4 to 30 pounds in weight. It has an ergonomically designed hand carry that allows the car seat to be carried in hand comfortably when in need.

    There is a canopy that is not only light resistant and helps to keep your baby safe from the bright sunshine but also water resistant. So if it’s a rainy day and you wish to go to work with your baby then just turn the canopy over and it will act like your baby’s shield against the Mother Nature.

  • Stroller

    The Chicco car seat can be then easily adjusted to the Chicco stroller. It can handle the weight of up to 50 pounds. It is made up of aluminum which makes the car seat so much more sturdy and strong in its design. The car seat has an easy hand carry system that makes it easier for you to push the stroller with your one hand even.

    There is a leg rest for your child; this is an added bonus as many strollers don’t have them which results in the legs to be left hanging when riding in a stroller. With the leg rest you can keep your baby in the reclined position. The canopy helps to shield your child. A back seat is made so that you can store in added snacks and food for your child if he or she is of the age. It can be used for other storage purposes too.


  • All in one package
  • Good reviews
  • Aluminum lined stroller
  • Back seat
  • LATCH and belt locking seat base
  • EPS shock absorbing foam
  • Leg rest in stroller
  • Added pads for comfort


  • Expensive
  • stroller wheels are of poor quality

Who Should Buy

If you are one of those who is looking for an all in one package for products for your baby then this is your ideal stop. Although a little bit more expensive, but this is not just a car seat or a car seat base, this is complete travel solution for your child. You can ride with your child, carry it in your hand or walk around with it, the Chicco travel system ensures that your child remains safe and sound while you do your work.


Hence, evident by the review, this product is highly recommended for those who want a one stop solution for third child. It reduces the hassle to go on to a shopping spree for your baby, and also gives a great product usage experience.