How to Choose an Engagement Ring


Proving that your significant other is set to be married after a few months or years can be difficult without an engagement ring. Besides, an agreement between a couple before marriage with only words as the foundation seems to be missing an anchor to make sure that a wedding will really take place. The engagement ring makes sure that the agreement is strong as the couple’s bond.

Aside from the realistic side of the engagement ring’s purpose, it is also romantic when you get down on one knee while showing the ring. For men who are planning to finally propose to their beloved, we are giving some tips on how to choose an engagement ring.


This is probably the most important factor before buying an engagement ring. People may say that as long as you love someone, the price will never be a hindrance. However, some men actually do not see themselves buying an expensive ring just to propose. After all, love is all that matters, right?

Still, no matter how much money a person has in his pocket, the budget is important to easily identify the right engagement ring among hundreds of choices to consider. It is also essential to quit giving the jeweler a hard time. Without a budget, the jeweler will not have much basis on which batch of rings to show you first. You will also miss the chance to negotiate for a lesser price if you keep on thinking that you are okay with an expensive ring.

There are so many beautiful rings that are sold at affordable prices. Take advantage of that. Save extra money for the wedding and honeymoon. You do not want to start your married life with a pile of debt.


After deciding the budget for the engagement ring, you should start thinking about the size of your girlfriend’s finger. What good is a beautiful ring if it does not fit? Also, it can be funny and awkward to propose to her and realize afterwards that she cannot wear the ring after all.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get your girlfriend’s size without getting caught. You must get sneaky with it. Why? It is important to have an existing ring as the basis for the size. You might have to use your ninja moves just to get a ring from her drawer or dresser. Or, you can ask her friend to steal the ring for you. To avoid complications, use a ring that has not been used by your girlfriend for a long time.

If your girlfriend does not have a ring, observe her hands for quite some time and rely on your memory. Just let the jeweler add a few millimeters to ensure the fit. After all, it is better to have it loose than the other way around. Remember, be creative – you can even use your acting skills and tie a ribbon around your beloved’s finger without giving a hint about the proposal.


You may purchase the best engagement ring in the market, but will your girlfriend like it? It does not even matter if the whole world considers the ring as the best one out there. Your girlfriend’s opinion is all that matters. To perfectly get the overall style of your future spouse, check out these tips:

  • Material

    Simple, you just have to observe. If your girlfriend likes to wear rose gold jewelry, then go for rose gold. Other common materials used for engagement rings are platinum, silver, and gold.

  • Stone

    Not everybody likes diamonds. Some women prefer simpler things. Aside from diamond, birthstones can also be a good choice for the engagement ring’s stone.

  • Attention

    If you are not sure about your girlfriend’s general style, then observe what catches her attention. Specifically, take her to a jewelry store. But, do not be too obvious that you are planning to buy an engagement ring for her. You can pretend to look at men’s jewelry such as watches. Take a peek from time to time to catch her staring at a specific accessory. Then, create a mental note. Problem solved!

  • Personality

    Your girlfriend’s personality tells a lot about the engagement ring she wants. If she does not wear too many accessories and jewelry, she is clearly a simple person. Obviously, go for the simple yet elegant ring. On the other hand, if your girlfriend is outspoken, friendly and stylish, she will most likely show the ring to her family and friends all the time. So, go for a sparkly ring with a big stone.


Now, we are in the most crucial part of the engagement ring – the centerpiece. Let’s take a look at the factors that make a good stone for a ring:

  • Color

    Diamonds are the most popular stones for engagement rings despite their expensive price because they are gorgeously colorless. Some women are so choosy when it comes to color that colorless stones got more in-demand. But, if you are knowledgeable enough about your girlfriend’s favorite color, go for birthstones or colored diamonds.

  • Size

    Some stones are so big for an engagement ring that can either excite or disappoint a woman. Again, consider your girlfriend’s personality.

  • Shape

    Round stones are perfect for classy women who love timeless accessories. Oval and pear are also nice choices for the stone’s shape. There are even heart-shaped stones right now for women who love cutesy things. However, the greatest contender for round stones right now is the princess cut. It is getting more and more popular.

  • Sparkle

    The stone’s sparkle has something to do with how it was cut. The cut leads to the stone’s attractive proportions and angles. These angles reflect light differently, creating the sparkle we are looking for in a ring. Simpler rings sparkle too but not glitzy enough like others with a complicated cut.

  • Setting

    When we say centerpiece, the stone does not have to be in the middle of the ring. Channel setting rings and eternity bands are composed of stones connected together to form a ring. Their only difference is how they are connected. Channel setting requires a metal to hold the stones together.

    Meanwhile, pavé, bezel and Tiffany settings are sticking to the original – the stone is definitely at the center. Pavé refers to the stone being at the center, but the stone is composed of even tinier stones. Bezel setting has metal encircling the stone to keep it secure. This is perfect for women who use their hands a lot at work or do a lot of sports. Lastly, Tiffany setting gives a nod to the jewelry brand that introduced it more than a century ago. It will always be popular, proven by how it stood the test of time when it comes to trend.


Lastly, we have to consider the thing that holds the stone or multiple stones to form an engagement ring. Most bands are composed of silver, platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and mixed metals.

  • Platinum

    When it comes to longevity or durability, platinum is the right choice for the ring band. The downside is how it dulls quickly. Women who love sparkly things may not like this type of band.

  • Gold

    Considered as the total opposite of platinum, gold is shinier yet much weaker. Its weakness is softness, but softness can also be its strength. Soft metals are easier to polish in order for them to shine again. However, they tend to become thinner as years go by.

  • Silver & White Gold

    These materials are best for trendy, stylish and elegant women, not necessarily ones who love glitz and glamor. Platinum has a similar vibe with these two metals.

  • Yellow Gold

    For traditional, classy women, the typical yellow gold band is perfect for them. The original color of gold is shiny, elegant and best represents engagement and marriage.


There are quite many things to consider in learning how to choose an engagement ring. But, when you look at each one closely, the whole thing is really easy and comprehensible for everyone. What makes it even easier is you just have to know your girlfriend well so you can purchase the best ring for her.

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