Can You Chop Vegetables in a Blender


Because of the multipurpose function of blenders, you can’t help but wonder if they can also cut your favorite veggies. If that’s true, just imagine how faster you would be if you’re cooking for a big group of people. Let’s find out – can you chop vegetables in a blender?

According to the popular brand Oster, you may only use a blender for chopping vegetables if it has a “Pulse” or “Chop” button. Other functions or settings will just turn veggies into a healthy puree.

Another great thing about Pulse and Chop settings is their versatility. With perfect control, you can mince, shred or dice vegetables just by holding the button. That’s why some blenders are also helpful for making salsas and casseroles.

What’s so different about the Pulse or Chop mode, anyway? Unlike the standard speed settings, it totally depends on whether you’re holding the button or not. The blade will only move when you place a finger on the button.

Other settings simply aim for a continuous spin of the blade for finer results. That’s clearly not the case for chopping. Cutting vegetables should only take a few seconds or minutes since you’re going for solid pieces, not liquified.

In Conclusion

Can you chop vegetables in a blender?

Yes, but there’s a catch. You need to make sure that the blender has a Pulse or Chop function.

In case you’re worried about degrading the quality of vegetables due to spinning blades, we have some thoughts on whether blenders destroy nutrients or not.

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