What to Get a Guy for Christmas


Believe it or not, men aren’t that difficult to shop for. As long as you know who you are buying a gift for, you won’t have to spend long hours trying to find the perfect gift.

Now, if you are unsure where to begin, below is a really handy guide on what to get a guy for Christmas. From things to keep in mind to actual gift suggestions, you’d definitely find it useful.

Let’s begin.

Who is the present for?

Who are you buying a present for? Is it a family member other than your husband? Your son, brother or cousin?

There are different ways you can go about that depending on who the guy is in your life. First, you need to think about your relationship with this man and consider the message that it would send. You don’t want to give your best friend something that has a romantic meaning, particularly if one or both of you are in a relationship. That would only create trouble for everyone.

Things to Consider

Once you’ve sorted out your relationship with the men in your Christmas present list, it’s time to consider how to personalize your shopping.

  • Interests

    This applies to people you really know. If you’re buying something for your coworkers with whom you rarely interact, you’re not going to be able to get it right. With that, you’d be better off buying something with a less personal touch. For men who are close to you, you probably have a good idea of their hobbies and interests.

    Give him something that reflects these interests or something that he can use for his hobbies. If it’s related to something that he likes, he is more likely to use it. Is he a gamer? A sports fan? Does he play music? If you’re not very sure, try to think of his usual activities and the things he talks about the most.

  • Personality

    You also need to consider his personality. This is closely related to his interests but requires a deeper understanding of him. Is he laidback or serious? Is he the type who likes jokes? If so, he will easily appreciate funny or prank gifts. If he’s someone who takes good care of his appearance, you can choose hair products or face wash for men. Does he like to travel? Maybe you can give something he can use for his flights.

  • Profession

    You can also get ideas based on what he does for a living. Is he in academics? Is he an office worker or supervisor? What kind of clothes does he wear for work? You can probably get him something that he can wear to work like a tie or a belt.

What to Get a Guy for Christmas?

Now that you’ve taken the important things into consideration, it’s time to browse for presents.

Here are some ideas:

  • Functional Gifts

    You cannot go wrong with functional gifts. Men are generally practical and they would appreciate something that they can actually use. Does he go to the gym often? Simple gym accessories and clothing could do the trick. Do you know him to be someone who’s trying to quit smoking by switching to vaping? You can gift him with an e-juice or vape supplies to encourage him on this shift. These are risk-free and there is a great chance that he will really appreciate it.

  • Manly Gifts

    Again, this would depend on the guy’s personality. If this guy is very manly, it’s safe to give him ties, tools, belt buckles, shaving accessories or wallets.

  • Gay Gifts

    For your happy, bubbly, and gay friends or family, the first thing you should do is to steer clear of the stereotypes. Just because they’re gays doesn’t mean that they won’t also appreciate manly gifts. Gay guys are very fashionable and they do like dressing up so ties and other manly accessories would apply to them, too. This falls under personality again. Don’t jump to buying him something pink just because he’s gay.

  • Fan Gifts

    Who are his favorite people? Look back on his interests. Is he a fan of a certain artist or band? Who is his sports idol or his favorite author? This category has very high chances of approval. If it’s something you can afford, maybe you can give him tickets to his favorite band’s concert. You can also give him a simple DVD with his favorite actor on it. If he likes a certain book, give him something that the author wrote that he hasn’t read yet.

  • Significant Other

    Now, we go to the most important man in your life- your lover. Whether he is now your husband, fiancé, or you’re just a few dates in with him, your Christmas present has a lot to say about your relationship.

    For married couples with kids, it’s very important that you spend time with just the two of you. If you haven’t had much intimate time together, even adult bedroom toys or games would help your relationship.

    For couples who are just starting out, it’s always nice to give him something that would remind him of how you met or the things you first talked about when you started dating.

Gift Ideas

To help you even further, here are some items that you may want to consider when thinking about what to get a guy for Christmas.


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