How To Clean Baby Playmat


As a mom, you want the very best for your baby so it’s only natural to be extra meticulous with his things. You want everything he gets in contact with to be as germ-free as possible. While you can’t technically do that with just basic cleaning products, you can limit the bacteria in his environment.

And today, we’re sharing with you some really easy steps on how to clean baby playmat you can follow.

  • You can clean your baby’s playmat by wiping its surface with a clean cloth. You can also use baby wipes to disinfect it.
  • Clean it with a neutral detergent as necessary. However, you should be extra careful as harsh chemical cleaners can damage the playmat. They can also be bad for your baby.
  • Don’t use vacuum cleaners with bristle heads. They are harsh and may leave scratches on the mat’s surface.
  • Don’t leave your baby’s playmat under the sun or use anything with heating elements. They can leave your mat completely damaged.
  • Markers and pens leave permanent stains. They can’t be removed even when cleaned with strong detergents.
  • After cleaning, dry the mat. Don’t leave it wet or damp as that condition can encourage bacterial growth.