A Quick Guide on How to Clean a Chainsaw Chain


If your work or hobby involves woodworking and other DIY projects, you should take care of your tools to enhance performance and durability. In particular, chainsaws are usually exposed to heavy work so we must maintain them. Here, we’re going to focus on how to clean a chainsaw chain.

Cleaning a chainsaw chain only needs proper preparation, washing, and lubrication. Following these major steps will make the whole process easier for you.

To prepare, find a plastic bucket, household ammonia, a gallon of water, a hard bristle brush, and a chainsaw lubricant. You should also know how to remove the chain from your chainsaw’s bar.

Just a reminder in removing the chain, make sure the chainsaw is turned off. Then, adjust the knob to loosen the slack. Lastly, remove the chain from the bar by sliding it off.

Finally, learn how to clean a chainsaw chain with these simple steps from DoItYourself.com:

Soak the chain in the ammonia mixture.

First, pour a gallon of water in the plastic bucket. Then, mix a small amount of ammonia. Leave the chain in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.

Afterward, use a brush with hard bristles to scrub every nook and cranny of the chain. Feel free to do this thoroughly.

Condition the chain by applying the right lubricant.

Before lubrication, rinse the chain carefully to prevent traces of the mixture from deteriorating the metal. You may rinse it under a faucet or a water hose.

After the chain is all dried out, re-install it around your chainsaw’s bar. Finally, apply the lubricant all over the chain.


See how easy it is to learn how to clean a chainsaw chain? You just need the right materials to thoroughly wash out debris from the intricate design of the metal.

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