How to Clean Combs and Brushes


Surely a lot of people will be guilty about this, but let’s face it – brushes and combs don’t get special treatment as much as other hair tools. After all, using them while you’re in the shower is already enough for cleaning…right?


Even if you’d expose your brush or comb to soapy water every day, hard-to-reach buildups will still remain due to the lack of focus on the bristles or teeth. That’s why you should learn how to clean combs and brushes thoroughly. Take a look at this video:

Need to watch the process one more time? If you want, you may proceed to the tips we gathered from the video.

  • Wash your combs and brushes at least once a month.
  • Use hot water, shampoo, apple cider vinegar, toothbrush, and a rat tail comb.
  • Remove hair and debris from the bristles or teeth first. If your hands are not enough, use a rat tail comb to brush off or pick out the hairs.
  • Spray apple cider vinegar all over the combs and brushes before placing them face up in hot water.
  • Pour shampoo on the combs and brushes.
  • Spread the shampoo by lathering it on each comb or brush with your hands or an old toothbrush.
  • Place each item in the water again. But, this time, put the brushes face down.
  • Leave the combs and brushes overnight in the water.
  • Remove the remaining hairs, debris, and residues stuck in the bristles or teeth with a rat tail comb or a toothbrush.

In Conclusion

To avoid spreading debris and germs all over your hair, learn how to clean combs and brushes like a pro once a month. The process will require you to wait overnight, but the effort is totally worth it.

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