How to Clean An Electric Toothbrush the Easy Way


Since electric toothbrushes are much different than ordinary ones, do they really need special cleaning methods? Go ahead and find out as we give tips on how to clean electric toothbrush.

Luckily, we came across reliable cleaning tips from a world-famous brand Oral-B. Turns out, the only cleaning solutions recommended for electric toothbrushes are proper rinsing and sanitizers. Surprisingly easy, right?

After brushing your teeth, just make sure to rinse your electric toothbrush thoroughly with tap water. See to it that nothing stays in the bristles.

Meanwhile, for more intensive cleaning, it is highly recommended to use toothbrush sanitizers. Make sure that you use one that’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To guarantee that you’re using a clean electric toothbrush daily, check out the following tips on proper maintenance:

Don’t cover the bristles.

This may sound surprising to some people but it is cleaner if your electric toothbrush is completely exposed. Air drying your toothbrush prevents bacterial growth.

Use a toothbrush holder with an appropriate cover.

Experts don’t recommend using a toothbrush holder that has a solid cover. It can promote accumulation of bacteria inside because of the moist interior.

But, if you really prefer using a cover for your electric toothbrush, choose one that has small holes. At least, there’ll be enough air circulation inside.

Cover your electric toothbrush during travel.

While experts are firm about not using toothbrush covers, there’s an exception. It is purely a bad idea to directly place your electric toothbrush in your suitcase or bag.

Aside from ensuring that the cover can securely protect the bristles from germs, it should be durable as well. This is helpful if your suitcase is crowded.


Now that you know how to clean electric toothbrush, be more careful from now on when you rinse its bristles. Also, feel free to hit the store to look for toothbrush sanitizers.

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