How to Clean a Food Thermometer


Using kitchen thermometers typically involves directly inserting the device into the food. You don’t want to do that with a dirty probe. Go ahead and learn some tips on how to clean a food thermometer.

According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, there are only three simple steps you should remember.

  1. Wash the probe with detergent and warm water.
  2. Sanitize the probe with alcohol swabs or other similar products (rinse if necessary).
  3. Air-dry or wipe the probe with a disposable towel.

Repeat the steps if you have to insert the thermometer into another food. This will prevent contamination and inaccuracy.

After cleaning, sanitizing, and drying the food thermometer, feel free to use it immediately. Here’s a refresher on the proper usage of this kind of tool:

  • Only read the temperature once the reading becomes stable.
  • Insert the thermometer into different sections of the food for a more accurate reading.
  • The thermometer should be in room temperature before you check hot or cold dishes.

In Conclusion

Once you know how to clean a food thermometer, it will be easier for you to maintain safety in the kitchen. Always sanitize the probe after washing it for a more thorough cleaning. Also, make sure it’s completely dry before inserting it into the food.