How to Clean Hair Curlers In 3 Easy Steps


When was the last time you cleaned your hair curlers?

You might have noticed how most hair curlers have super-rough surfaces. This design is perfect for ensuring stronger curls but it is really difficult to take hair strands and product debris off it.

Before you start losing faith on the old-fashioned rollers, allow us to teach you how to clean hair curlers so you can enjoy using them again. After all, nothing beats feeling like a diva when your hair is full of curlers.

There are five simple yet useful materials that can help you clean curlers. You’ll only need a Velcro piece, duct tape, hairbrush, comb, and tweezers. In some instances, you might need a couple of materials only.

However, if your curlers are really dirty, you might have to follow all the steps below:

Get rough with a hairbrush, comb, and Velcro item.

Start the procedure with a bang! Deliberately scratching the curler’s surface can do the trick. Just make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Slide a Velcro piece across the curler, especially on its dirtiest sections.
  2. Comb the curler. It doesn’t matter if you’d move the comb in different directions.
  3. Scratch the curler with a hairbrush. This ensures that no hair or debris is left on the surface without using other means.

Resort to duct tape if the first method is not enough.

If you can still see strands and debris sticking around the curler, then make them stick to duct tape instead. Check out this procedure:

  1. Cut a piece of duct tape that can cover the curler’s length.
  2. Place the tape on one side without wrapping the curler.
  3. Press the tape so it will stick to the curler.
  4. Pull the tape up.
  5. Repeat the procedure around the rest of the curler.

For the finishing touch, use tweezers.

Tiny debris and thin hair strands can be difficult to remove with a duct tape. To guarantee clean curlers, rely on the pointy tips of tweezers. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Grasp the debris or strand with your tweezer.
  2. Slowly pull it out of the curler. Be careful if it is a strand of hair because you might cut it in half.
  3. After using tweezers, cover the curler with an anti-static spray to minimize its chances of attracting debris and hair strands.


Knowing how to clean hair curlers makes you want to ditch curling irons for a while and go back to basics. Some people find curlers inconvenient, but traditional rollers are actually easy to maintain. Just use simple household items like hairbrushes, duct tape, and tweezers.

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