How Often to Clean Makeup Brushes


Surely you understand the importance of cleaning your own makeup brush. However, should you do it after every use? Pay attention as we reveal how often to clean makeup brushes.

The frequency will depend on your usage, according to Elle. It’s not necessary to clean makeup brushes all the time, but your lifestyle might require you to do so.

If you’re a makeup artist, just imagine the amount of makeup you use for just one client. What’s worse is the idea of using the same brushes on different people.

The right thing to do is clean your brushes after every session. It’s best if you use a brush cleanser and a mild shampoo.

That can also be the case for makeup enthusiasts. If you’re putting a lot of makeup on your face, you should clean the brushes afterward.

However, if you’re only wearing light makeup for work or a casual day outside, you may clean your brushes once a week. Feel free to use a brush cleanser, nothing else. The shampoo method can be scheduled monthly.

In Conclusion

The answer to how often to clean makeup brushes depends on your usage. Whenever you apply a lot of makeup, clean the brush afterward. With light makeup, weekly cleaning is enough.