How to Clean Marks off Walls?


Marks are often seen on the walls resulting in an awkward look and embarrassment. Mostly, furniture and fixtures are the causes of these marks and especially, color or paint of the furniture is more likely to create ugly marks on the wall. However, the marks which are caused by the paint of the furniture are very easy to remove. But, if the scratches or marks have penetrated the paint of the wall, then it’s a bit challenging to get rid of them. By following the guidelines and tips given below, you can easily determine the level of damage that has been occurred and the better way of cleaning these marks off.

Sequence of Steps to Remove Wall Marks

  1. First of all, you need to determine whether the paint surface is damaged or not. In order to do this, you need to run your hand over the marks and try to detect any rough spots. These spots will be the scratches that have cut through the surface of the paint. Also, if you run your nail over these spots, your nail will get slightly caught in the grooves. If you discover such spots, then you need to follow the instructions given in section dedicated to removing wall scratches.
  2. If you don’t find any rough spots, then it means that only the color of furniture or some other object has transferred to the wall and no actual damage to the paint has been caused. Such marks can easily be cleaned by using a good quality eraser. You can conveniently find such erasers in your local paint shops.
  3. After having a good quality mark eraser, you need to spray it over the wall marks and scrub using a soft piece of cloth.
  4. If you feel necessary, you can rinse all the cleaned area to remove any dirty residue. Dip the soft piece of cloth into the water and clean all the area. You may need to do it a couple of times until you are fully satisfied with what you have done and all the area looks properly cleaned.
  5. Now you need to let the cleaned area dry or if you want, you can use a clean and soft piece of cloth to dry the area yourself.

Things You Need

1. A piece of high quality sandpaper.
2. Paint which exactly matches the color of the wall.
3. Good quality paint brush.
4. Few pieces of soft cloth.

Sequence of Steps to Remove Wall Scratches

1. Make sure that grooves exists by running your hand and nail over the paint. Once you have identified the grooves, you need to proceed with smoothing and repainting the affected area.
2. To make the affected area smooth, you need to rub the piece of sandpaper over it. Keep rubbing it until the affected area becomes really smooth. You can check the smoothness of the area by running your hand over it.
3. Also, remove the existing paint from the affected area using the sandpaper. Try to remove the existing paint completely.
4. Once you’re done with smoothing and removing existing paint, clean the area with a soft piece of cloth so that any dust particles etc. will be removed. Make sure that the area is properly cleaned after sanding.
5. Apply the paint over the area. Paint the area properly so that no part of the affected area remains unpainted but avoid unnecessary overuse of the paint.
6. Allow the paint to dry and make sure to keep children and furniture away from this newly painted area until it gets completely dried

Extra Precautions and Measures

1. Keep in mind that whenever you paint a wall, you need to cover the floor properly with plastic sheet or newspapers. Otherwise you’ll have huge stains of paint on the floor and you’ll require doing extra labor to clean it as well. Therefore, it is always recommended to cover the adjacent floor with whatever suitable thing you have so that once you are done with painting, all you need to do is to remove the covers and enjoy new paint without having any additional worries regarding the paint stains on the floor.
2. Always go for the quality of the eraser to clear marks from the wall instead of preferring to save some bucks. There is huge variation in the qualities and effectiveness of various wall marks erasers available in the market and poor quality eraser will not provide you the desired results in most cases. Try to get benefit from the experience of your friends and relatives and if anyone of them has used an eraser before, you can get his/her feedback about the quality of the particular eraser. This will enable you to make a much better choice with respect to purchasing a wall mark eraser.
3. If the affected area comprises a big portion of the wall and repainting is desperately required, then go for the option of repainting the whole wall. This may cost you few extra bucks but it will surely make the paint look more consistent and better.


These are some tips and tricks to remove all types of marks off walls permanently without getting any professional help.

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