How to Clean A Pasta Machine After Use


Using your pasta maker is really easy so there’s really no reason why cleaning it should be hard. In fact, with the right tips and tricks, you should be able to clean it in just a few minutes. So, how to clean a pasta machine after use?

A Quick Guide To Clean A Pasta Machine

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step #1

Position your pasta maker on a table or any other surface that offers enough room for you to work on. The machine’s front plate should be facing forward and it needs to be on its thickest setting prior to cleaning.

Step #2

With a small screwdriver, take out the screw and the side cover. Loosen the nuts using a wrench but don’t remove them completely.

Step #3

Take a Phillips screwdriver and remove the 2 screws you can find holding the machine’s footplate. Set the plate off to the side and place the machine with its adjuster side down.

Step #4

Remove the guards as well as the scraper blades. Clean the side plate by wiping any grease into the roller hole.

Step #5

Remove the screws on the machine’s right side. Be careful when removing them as the entire machine will become loose.

Step #6

Remove the plates as you separate the rollers. Do the same to the front and back top plates as well as the bottom scraper plates. Remember where you take out each part so you’ll know where to replace them.

Step #7

After removing the scraper blades, wipe them off. You can use a wooden skewer to remove any debris inside the bottom scraper. With a paper towel, be sure to remove old pasta and flour from the machine. Don’t forget to clean the rollers, too.

Step #8

After making sure that there are no remaining old pasta or flour stuck in the machine, you can start replacing the parts. Store the machine in a dry place to ensure optimal condition.