How to Clean Rice Cooker Heating Plate


Rice cookers are a big help in the kitchen. It saves you time and eliminates cooking error as long as you know how to prepare and add the right amount of water to your rice. Unfortunately, failure to maintain the appliance the right way can make it less and less efficient over time. So, how to clean rice cooker heating plate?

Use a soft abrasive pad to get the stains out

This is a good technique in removing the stains but you have to know that it’s not really recommended. Using a pad might get the stains out but it can scratch the surface of your rice cooker’s heating element. Scratches can greatly reduce the contact between your appliance and the heating element. And if you damage it permanently, you’ll have to buy a new one for your kitchen.

If you really want to rub off the stains, you can use a moist pad. However, that can only work with superficial and most recent stains. You won’t be able to totally eliminate the dark stains in your aluminum plate, particularly if they are really old.

Just leave the stains alone

Unless the stains you see at the bottom of your rice cooker form bumps on its surface, it’s better to leave them alone. Aluminum can get discolored easily so it’s normal to see stains on the aluminum disks.