How to Clean A Toaster Oven Inside


A lot of people are guilty of letting their toaster ovens go far too long without a cleaning. Some leave their toasters for weeks or even months with burnt food and food buildup which can ignite when exposed to high temperatures. These things can easily become a fire hazard.

If you are one of those people, listen up. Here’s how to clean a toaster oven inside.

  • For your safety, always unplug your toaster oven before you start cleaning it.
  • Get a piece of a newspaper you can put your toaster oven on. Take out the rack, metal tray, and lower crumb tray and wash these parts in your sink with a dish soap. If there are any stubborn stains, you can leave them overnight in your sink. In case those parts are still a bit warm, you can use an oven mitt to protect your hands.
  • After cleaning them, let them dry completely.
  • Take a small brush and brush out the oven’s interior. Remove all the pieces of food and crumbs that have accumulated in the edges and corners.
  • To remove the stains and grime on the ceiling and walls of your toaster, take a slightly damp sponge soaked in a¬†mild liquid solution. Use it to clean up the areas without scratching the coating.
  • Wipe the interior of the oven as well as the glass door.
  • Dry every part with a clean of cloth or paper towel.

Recommended Cleaning

As much as possible, try to clean your toaster oven after it has cooled down after use. If that’s not possible, you can just wipe it before you turn it on next time.

That way, any grime and stains won’t get cooked and baked the next time you use the appliance. They have the tendency to harden over time which can make cleaning a lot more difficult.

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