Does Clear Mascara Make Eyelashes Grow


If you’ve read or heard claims about clear mascaras boosting lash growth, we suggest being more skeptical about them. After all, you shouldn’t believe every product claim you see or hear. Since we don’t want you to waste money, let’s find out – does clear mascara make eyelashes grow?

It all depends on the mascara’s composition. In fact, there are certain ingredients that are proven effective for growing eyelashes. Allow us to highlight two of the most common ones.

Soy protein is known for enhancing hair growth

A lot of mascaras contain soy extract. That’s because soybeans are naturally effective for hair growth. If that’s one of their major benefits, then they’re definitely capable of making eyelashes longer and fuller.

And, the best part, soy can reduce the risk of hair loss and baldness. That’s pretty amazing for an ingredient found in nature. More importantly, that proves how effective soy protein is for maintaining healthy eyelashes.

Keratin can also be beneficial for eyelashes

Just like soy, keratin is also a type of protein that aims to increase hair volume. It targets follicles to minimize gaps, resulting in thicker hair.

No wonder keratin is being used for “lifting” eyelashes. This ingredient can actually serve as a treatment to curl your lashes and keep it that way. It is definitely better than extensions when it comes to convenience and longevity.

In Conclusion

Does clear mascara make eyelashes grow?

If your clear mascara contains soy protein and/or keratin formula, feel free to expect longer eyelashes with constant use. Other ingredients will also work as long as they’re excellent for hair growth.