Co-Sleeping with Baby Benefits


Not sure whether to share a bed with your child or not? Don’t worry; we’re ready to enlighten you about co-sleeping with baby benefits.

There are three major advantages of bed-sharing, according to BabyCentre UK. The benefits include easier breastfeeding, lower risk of SIDS, and better sleep for your baby.

Co-sleeping promotes effortless breastfeeding

Obviously, if you share a bed with your baby, you can immediately feed him when he’s hungry. Even better, if you expose your chest while sleeping, your child would just feed himself. That may lead to longer breastfeeding, which is a great thing for babies.

Co-sleeping may prevent SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) happens anytime, yes, but constantly checking your baby can go a long way. If you sleep in a different room, you would clearly leave your child alone for hours.

To be honest, co-sleeping can also be dangerous for babies. We hate to burst your bubble, but it is both a blessing and a curse.

Don’t ever sleep beside your baby if you’re drunk. The same idea goes for parents with newborns or premature babies.

Co-sleeping gives babies a more peaceful sleep

It goes without saying that co-sleeping promotes a stronger bond between you and your baby. More importantly, that bond makes your child comfortable every bedtime. A good night’s sleep will only make your baby healthier and happier the next day.

In Conclusion

Co-sleeping with baby benefits promote hassle-free breastfeeding, a healthier child, and a safer environment. However, there are certain conditions. Bed-sharing can harm your child if you have dull senses, especially when you’re drunk.

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