How Cold Do Wine Coolers Get


If you’re into wines, you’d know how important temperature is in keeping your bottles in top condition. This is why most restaurants invest in wine coolers in addition to their regular coolers and refrigerators. If you are thinking about buying one, you have to know lots of things. But first, how cold do wine coolers get?

Wine coolers don’t get colder than 46 degrees Fahrenheit

Wine coolers typically have temperatures that are slightly higher than regular beverage coolers because wines’ fragile composition can’t withstand quick droppings and really low temperatures. You can think of it like a wine cellar. Although it’s cool and built that way, the wines inside are gradually cooled instead of rapidly chilled.

Apart from temperature, wine coolers also keep a consistent level of humidity. This keeps the integrity of the wine bottle’s cork. Making sure that the cork remains unexposed to improper temperature and moisture means that the wine inside won’t be contaminated. It’s also essential in maintaining the richness of the drinks’ flavor.

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