Is It Better to Comb or Brush Wet Hair


Some people prefer combing or brushing their hair in the shower. But, something tells you they’re doing it all wrong. Is it better to comb or brush wet hair?

According to Marie Claire, brushing wet hair increases tension on the strands. If you put more pressure just to get over with it, the result is breakage. Your hair would look messy because of shorter strands sticking out.

The right thing to do is squeeze out excess water first with a towel. Then, air-dry your hair for at least five minutes.

Once your hair is all set for styling, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your strands. Don’t forget to start with your tips. You have to do it gradually until it becomes smoother to brush your hair all the way from its roots.

In Conclusion

Is it better to comb or brush wet hair?

That’s a big NO. Using tools on wet hair will only lead to major problems like breakage. You have to air-dry your hair for a few minutes before detangling it with the right type of comb.

Since breakage isn’t the only hair-related concern, you should also keep an eye out for other possible problems. To prevent irritation, start learning how to clean combs and brushes thoroughly.