Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow Review



The Comfort U body support pillow is one of the best pregnancy pillows that will give you a complete comfort after spending long hours of working. It will give you a relief from the tiredness of the entire day by covering you from head to toe. This pillow is soft and it is also anti allergic. It is suitable for every skin type and will not cause the allergy to the sensitive skins. That will give you an instant relief after stress work. So if you really want to get the pleasure and relaxation then this Comfort U body support pillow is for you.

Features and Specifications

The main features of Comfort U body support pillow are:

  • Best Maternity Cushion

    The Comfort U body shape pillow is the perfect maternity pillow that covers your entire body and supports it. That gives you a peaceful sleep at night and makes you relaxed than ever.

    This maternity pillow gives you a relaxation when you are expecting and suffering from backache or the muscular pains. The cushion of the pregnancy pillow also reduces the pressure on various parts of your body and comforts them in a best way than any other pregnancy pillow. This best maternity cushion will make you to feel your pregnancy in a better way.

  • Fusion Fiber

    This pregnancy pillow is made up of fusion fibers. These fusion fibers are actually highly heat resistant and made up of polyester polymers. These fibers are considered very important to resist the heat. Mostly the excessive heat generation causes the trouble while sleeping so this maternity pillow gives you an ease to comfort your body and make your sleep tranquil. These fibers are also polished in a way to avoid the lumps as they move freely against one another.

  • Big Size

    This pregnancy pillow is 16 inches in diameter and it is larger than the other pregnancy pillows available in the market. The material of the pillow is fluffy and you can easily use it for cuddling. The bigger size of the pillow also allows you to fully cover your body.

  • Portable

    The Comfort U pregnancy pillow is light in weight and it is about 10 pounds in weight. So it is very easy to transfer it from one place to another. Also if you only use it at night time then you can pack it back in day time. This light weight nature of the pillow makes it easy to handle.

  • Anti-allergic

    The pillow is made up of fusion fibers which are made up polyester polymers. These are considered very important to resist the heat and to use the pillow for longer times. Similarly this pregnancy pillow is also efficient and compatible with all types of skin. It does not cause the rashes or the allergies. So it is perfect to use by everyone.

  • Easily Washable

    The upper cover of the pillow is very easy to wash. You can use a typical washing powder to wash it. Even if you want to wash the whole pillow then it can also be done, but that needs a larger size commercial washer to clean the pillow in a proper way. The washing of the pillow is also very flexible in a way as it quickly dries up after washing. So whenever you feel a little grim or dust on the surface of the pillow then you can easily wash it.


  • Supports the hips, legs, belly and the back
  • Comfortable to use
  • Soft and reliable
  • Covers the entire body
  • Unflatten and lump free to use
  • Best to use both in sitting and laying postures
  • Best performance
  • It reduces the chances of cramps, backaches and stress of the muscles
  • Helps in keeping the body cool by passing the air
  • The stuff of the pillow is user friendly


  • Mostly it is of no use after pregnancy, women avoid to use it because of its big size as it occupies the more space of the bed
  • Its price is comparatively high than others
  • It slides too much

Who Should Buy

The Comfort U total body support pillow is ideal for the expecting women however you can also use it to get the comfortable sleep at night. This product has got a feedback score of 4.5 out of 5 and it is recommended by most of the users because of its large range of specifications. This pillow covers the entire body of a person so it is mainly liked the expected women and the other people.


The pregnancy pillows are used in pregnancy to fix the body in a proper posture and to give the relaxation to the entire body. The Comfort U body pillow is also designed to give the expected women a complete relief of body. This best pregnancy pillow covers the entire body by supporting the belly and the legs. You can also use the both sides of the pillow in order to get the complete relaxation and long sleep at night.