Complete Baby Car Seats Recall List 2014, Must Read Before You Buy Anything


Product recalls are nothing new. The efforts of the government to improve product reliability and hold manufacturers accountable are commendable. Recalls are not necessarily something to sound the alarm though. Companies, in an effort to avoid expensive litigation, adopt the recall route.

However it should be in one’s knowledge when purchasing an infant car seat that the particular product he/she is about to purchase has a ‘clean record’ not tainted by recalls and other impediments which are an open suggestion of the fact that the company is not up to the mark. Check out the list below to see which products had recalls and why.

Graco Child Car Seat Recall

Around the mid of 2014, different models of Graco’s infant car seats saw a recall. The main reason was the defective mechanism employed by the harness buckle. Basically the engineering of the buckle was such that, with the passage of time, dust, dirt, pieces of food, thick liquid, etc. deposited inside it.

These sediments interfered with the mechanism and made unlatching quite a problem. This problem was considered serious because, in the event of an emergency, the child would be rendered stuck in the seat.

Hence, the recall of all the product versions was made which were employing that particular harness system. E.g. the Snug ride, Classic Connect, Aprica, Click connect and many more were part of the recall. The buckles were replaced with a redesigned one without the faults incurred previously.

Evenflo Child Car Seat

Similar to Graco’s situation, Evenflo announced a recall for specific car seat variants it sold in the year 2013-2014. The issue was the same with the buckle being prone to getting stuck due to substances such as food, liquid particles forming sediments inside it.

Recall may not be the right word here as a ‘remedy kit’ was distributed to affected customers who could simply undo the existing buckle and replace it with a new one. It is pertinent to mention here that absolutely no injuries were reported due to this issue and that users who weren’t encountering this issue didn’t have to request the remedy kit at all.

Baby Trend Inc. Trendz Fast Back Infant Car Seats

In the first quarter of 2014, over 15,000 car seats were recalled by Baby Trend. These were seats manufactured after October 2011 onto July 2013. These are fairly old seats and should be an eye opener for you especially if you are considering buying used seats.

Check up on the manufacturing date and if the date falls in this production range then it’d be wise to forgo or at the very least, confirm this product was remedied and/or if this product model fell in that specific recall range.

Orbit Baby Inc. G2 Infant Car Seats

This recall was announced in the October of 2013. The reason for the recall was an issue pertaining to the proper harnessing and installation of the base with the car and the infant seat with the base. A module, the “Strong Arm”, which operates the attachment of the car seat with the base was defective and made the entire installation insecure. Orbit has made around 3000 recalls so far.

Recaro ProSport Infant Car Seats

Recalls are one thing. Recaro announced this recall after discovering a defect in the harness. The defect was such that the harness failed to restrain the child. In the event of an accident there were chances that the harness could come loose, resulting in the child (the occupant) getting dislodged and therefore being exposed to serious injury.

The recall comprised of seats manufactured from 2010 to Jan 2013 and close to 40000 seats were recalled. An associated issue happened to be the child being over 40 pounds hence reducing the effectiveness of the restraining system.

Pavilion, Britax Boulevard, Advocate Car Seats

The manufacturer employed a soft and brittle material in the design of the chest pad. This material happened to be a danger as the child was prone to chewing on it or through any other way damaging it. The residue from the damage was small pieces which constituted as a major choking hazard.

The recall constituted of the remedy wherein “Hugs” pads were given which were made of well-founded materials; suitable for application in infant car seats.

Safety 1st Rear-Facing Infant Car Seats

An issue was found in the latching system rendering it somewhat insecure in terms of proper restraint. Less than 2000 units were affected and accordingly, LATCH equipped bases were distributed to rectify the issue.

Britax Chaperon Infant Car Seats

The issue here was a dangerous design employed in the chest restraint section of the harness. The material used in the linking anchors was such that, in the event of strain or breakage, sharp shards were created which could seriously harm the child.

Evenflo Maestro Car Seats

A flaw in the design of the seats caused a zone, the front area near the harness tuning point, to crumple in event of an accident. This was akin to saying ‘being as strong as the weakest link’ and hence gave rise to implications of an insecure restraining system. Close to 18000 units were recalled and remedied by fortifying that specific zone.

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